Nino Ferrer


I've discovered nino in berlin and I've been convinced that he is the best french singer ever.

>>By liv   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 19:31)

Nino is the gratest french artist ever. He is full of wit, so funny, and his music always puts you in a good mood...

>>By celestin   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 19:39)

ferrer is like no other artist of the twentieth century. A man in a class, genre and time all of his own. He is shite.

>>By robin   (Monday, 2 Dec 2002 00:48)

Sorry, I made a selling mistake, he is shiite, converted to Islam

>>By robin   (Monday, 2 Dec 2002 00:49)

On what CD does he sing "Gaston au telephone"

>>By Beiz   (Thursday, 27 Feb 2003 21:55)

im doing a school paper on Nino, and im finding it difficult to find any good websites on him. Does anyone know any? Or maybe you have a fun fact about the amazing artist?
take care homies!!...... Just kidding

>>By mary   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 10:27)

Nino Ferrer was the first French singer/musician to successfully translate American R & B into French. In addition, he mutated the language at times ("Gaston y a l'téléfon qui son") so that the lyrics fit better with the heavy synchopation of the music. There are several greatest hits CDs available, one even has a 40 page booklet with pictures and a biography which is great because not too much is written about him. I prefer his early work (Le telefon, Les cornichons, Mirza, Oh he...,) but many people enjoy his later stuff and Le Sud is a classic in the lexicon of French songs. A unique and ground breaking voice for French pop in the 60s.

Unfortunately, Nino comitted suicide several years ago, he was anguished over the death of his mother and also probablly depressed.

>>By Pink Frankenstein   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 11:45)

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