Nine Inch Nails


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>>By bekteffel   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 19:07)

they were good in the days on my misery

>>By spot   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 15:44)

The Becoming - Nine Inch Nails, tabbed by Iopha <br>
Synth/Bass Riff-<br>

The timing might be a little off, but I think the notes are
essentially correct. It's rather hard to make out. The sequence
is rapid and in a weird time signature. There's an acoustic version
available in quicktime format over at :<br>, which may be helpfull. <br>

Noone else had really attempted to figure out the bass line, so I
decided to give it a shot. Hope it helps. Someone else figured out
the acoustic bridge/outro, so I've added it to the file. The lyrics
are available everywhere, just ask the GooglOracle. <br>

From: (Brent Allen Musat)<br>
the becoming<br>
nine inch nails<br>

This is the acoustic part in the middle and end of the song. I just play
them as power chords. Keep your right hand strumming constantly throughout,<br>
scuffing the strings in between the chord changes.<br>

G F C Bb F C F (play twice)<br>

G F C Bb F C F <br>
hi-ding backwards in-side of me i feel so unafraid<br>
G F C Bb F C F<br>
an-nie, hold a little tighter i might just slip away<br>
I felt sorry for the people out there who don't know much about chords so I<br>
TABed it for you.<br>

G F C Bb<br>

F C F<br>

Hope this is of interest to some of you out there.<br>


>>By noone   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 06:37)

New to the NIN seen and I love it!

>>By The Dark Prince   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 03:51)

If any one knows anything about trent reznors mind, heh, even though if they did I/m sure they wouldn't want to know for long

when he writes his song is it realy him or does he hear some far of voice or melody ringing like chuch bells over the next hill of existance,

>>By light   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 04:41)

has anyone ever spoke with trent reznor on email letter any media or has anyone ever wanted to

>>By light   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 04:42)

I'm sorry I'm very religious and feel his music is from the devil

>>By light   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 04:43)

trent reznor is god

>>By reznor   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 00:15)

Trent IS god!!! he is a mastermind of music and trent...YOU can fuck me like an animal!!!!

>>By jeanette   (Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002 21:52)

i love trent and nails
i would like to go to their live!

>>By luca   (Tuesday, 17 Dec 2002 07:06)

only new to NIN
but they kick arse

>>By aussie_in_africa   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 21:45)

I've been listening to Trent's work for years now, and NIN has become the greatest influence and inspiration behind my own musical works. Thank You Trent! (And yes, I will still go to nothing every day to see if they're ever accepting demos, though they never are!)
-Jess S.

>>By JS   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 15:42)

Oh yeah, and one more thing- I only had the honor of seeing NIN live once- at the Pepsi Center in Colorado, June 18th 2000, and it was the best damn concert I've ever been to. So 'Light', is it? Grow some musical taste, show some respect for a brutally honest musician, and please, on the behalf of NIN fans everywhere, go fuck yourself.

>>By JS   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 15:48)

I think the NIN is good,but Reznor is not god.HE is normal man who can realise his dreams.

>>By a.   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 09:17)

Nine Inch Nails is the best fucking thing that has happened to music since the fucking Beatles. There is nothing better than watching Trent live, nin sounds great, shows are full of energy. Reznor is by far the most talented musician of my generation, I've loved all his music from the time of Pretty Hate Machine till now. The side project "Tapeworm" is something that I am seriously looking forward to, Trent and Maynard.... what more could one loving fan want. If I had to pick a favorite album I think It would be hard to do so, but I would have to go with "The Downward Spiral". Nine Inch nails is simply the best fucking rock band out there. Reznor is a fucking musical genious.....

>>By mikey   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 01:48)

Let's face it... the I wanna fuck you like an animal video (uncut version) is well the least to say disturbing. However there is clear evidence that Reznor gave alot of thought and energy into it all. In my opinion it is an innovative video that (most improtantly) sticks with you. Even in your nightmares.

>>By Rabbit   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 03:00)

Now I'm not saying his music is for everyone- (some people out there have absolutely no good taste)- but Reznor and all of NIN are creative, talented, honest, and very expressive musicians. No band has ever impacted my life and viewpoint with music such as these men, and for that, I love NIN.

>>By JS   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 22:14)


>>By themusicsheep   (Thursday, 23 Jan 2003 23:48)

reznor is a false prophet. turn away.

>>By elephant man   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 08:44)

False Profit?! Aww man, and I'm supposed to get paid tommorow!

>>By Rabbit   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 05:55)

close your eyes

open your mind

as the noise dies

you'll find the beauty inside.

>>By pinion   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 22:51)

can anyone tell me his song w/chorus " mission control, help me get thru, into you?

>>By karl   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 05:14)

That song is Deep. and Mikey: Tool can suck my cock. Everyone
makes it out to be so deep and meaningfull. All Tool is is a
pretentious acid trip containing music that sounds like what
the Beach Boys would sound like if they were ever ressurected from Hell.
As for Reznor, he is very good. It's really annoying when people call him Industrial.
He's a fucking goth/ebm band which is a far fucking cry from Throbbing Gristle.


>>By You're blockin' my Cheesehole!!   (Sunday, 9 Feb 2003 03:47)

I'm 26 now and have been listening to NIN since I was 16. Thank you Trent for helping me through all the hard times. NIN is the best music to workout to.

A lot of people say that Trent is talentless, but I do disagree you have to know something to be able to put music like that together.

>>By brknhalo   (Monday, 10 Feb 2003 00:33)

trent is no prophet, no god. those that say he is a false profit are going against their own religious teachings of being as open minded as possible. i love NIN and i know a lot of people who have benefited from his music, myself one. it is good to finally have music you can properly relate to. i think people like 'light' are narrow minded and need to grow up.

>>By luthbeez   (Monday, 10 Feb 2003 23:13)

I Really love nine inch nails, it's a great band !!! Trent Reznor have a great voice and the lyrics are great too ! NiN ===> The great Below

>>By Chic_n_stu   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 14:31)

I don't know anything about Nine Inch Nails really, i only heard it in this one song where they're like, "nine inch nails get knocked the fuck out!" It sounded like Limp Bizkit to me, but im not sure. please enlighten me someone.

>>By Stray   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 01:47)

nvm people. I now know that the song i was talking about before really was them. I get it now. I am smart. haha. and becasue i like that song..."I wanna fuck u like an animal."


>>By Stray   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 01:50)

trent doesnt ask to be called a god or a prophet or any shit like that so how can you say if he is or if he isnt? he makes great music and writes poetic and thought provoking lyrics

i am your savior
i am corruption
i am the angel
of your destruction
i am perversion
secret desire
i am your future
swallowed up in fire


>>By godisajunkie   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 07:53)

swhat are they up to oh and once i got an e mail off cEVIN KEY FROM SKINNY PUPPY

>>By DEATH   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 16:48)

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