Nara Leao


The best singer Brasil ever had.

>>By Claudio   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 00:16)

I never heard her voice until I tapped into the site allbrazilmusic off of the radiouol site. I was familiar with the wide voices of Brazil as exemplified by Astrud Gilberto, Ivan Linz (sp?), Roberto Menescal, Joyce, Martinho da Silva, and the new rising star Bebel Gilberto. However, there was a quality very different about her song stylings than any of the others. I listened and became captivated by the sweetness, fragile-quality and vulnerability of her voice. I then found out more about her personal life. In particular, how she pretty much started the MPB movement, opened her house to the early bossa movers and shakers, and sang unabashed protest songs against the military dictatorship. I was captivated. I then found out about her untimely passing after fighting a losing battle with cancer. I am amazed by the fact that her terminal illness did not prevent her from releasing ten additional albums! I am terribly dissapointed by how difficult it is to find her recordings here in this country. I am desperately trying to find the cd she recorded with Roberto Menescal entitled, "Um Cantinho, um violao." I would like to find out more information about her. If you do have any suggestions, please e mail me at (case sensitive)

Thx, catch_eric

>>By catch_eric   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 00:58)

I just now got her album"Dez anos despois," --I absolutely love it! It was hard to find, though. Jap import. I hope they will re-release her stuff here in the states.

>>By mess   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 18:03)

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