Mr. C


I can say that i respect Richard West maybe the most becouse he is not like other dj"s...they all have their idols from the time they started to play,but mr.c tryed to create his own,special style..i cant call it tech-house,becouse his sets are above the music...i never saw him roll the whole deck,he is always improving something new..and he is good looking too,i must say....back here in my country,croatia,not many people like him becouse they dont understand...they are too plain to fell the music,.....
+ tech-house bastard+

>>By Lori   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 14:50)

richard has done alot for the scene and his show used to hype some good tunes that otherwise people just would not hear but lets all be honest now - he can't mix and he is a shit producer! i feel embarassed to have worked with him but the money is good. whenever i see his gay face on his changes album i feel sick inside.

>>By azad r   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 15:34)

rich makes me want to shit my pants whenever i think about his regressive dj style. when i see him i get an overwhelming desire to punch him until unconcious and then fuck him to death with his shit records...

>>By craig richards   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 16:02)

settle down lads, craig you are usually such a nice quiet guy!

i once had to play with that bumbling fool at shindig (can't remember who booked him but they pobably got fired!) anyway, about halfway through his set which he had muddled his way embarrasingly through, he pretended that he had lost the feeling in his arms and was unable to mix...anyway, i took over but he asked me if i could play on my knees while he stood up and pretended to play! obviously i said no, at which point he said that he would never book me again and would make sure that i got a bad name - anyway i was young at the time and went ahead on my knees while richard pretended to play, looking all serious about the mix when it was me on my knees - later i heard that some peeps there said it was the best set he ever played! anyway, i suppose he has got his deserts as most people nowadays realise that he is shit and that the end is a sinking shit ship that has sold out to shit djs like emmerson et al. fuck off Mr.C.

>>By graham   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 16:19)

yeah mr c has got a gay haircut

>>By bushwacker   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 12:14)

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>>By maurice   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 22:32)

>>By graham (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 16:19)

please take no notice of the message above by graham......

We at shindig have never heard of him before, let alone had him play for us.
Mr C is a cracking DJ, no one was sacked for booking him, and we would have him back tomorrow if we still had the second room he used to play in.

what a lying wanker you are graham.

scott from shindig.

>>By scott from shindig   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 16:43)

Some jealous bastard has really got it in for me...... let me put things straight here.
Firstly i'v been in contact with Asad Rizvi & Craig Richards who will respond in due course. Oh & whoever put these things up can't spell..... Asad is with an S not a Z you prick & Bushwacka! is my best friend & ends in A! not er..... you div.
Right..... Graham you lying mug, I'v just spoken to the main man at Shindig who has no idea who you are. I'v only played at Shindig twice, the first time was with my mate Bushwacka & the second time was with both Layo & Bushwacka as The End Sound System where we worked together on 4 decks & 2 mixers with FX & a mic.
anyone who has heard me play know that my mixing is perfect... no cliped beats, no galloping horses etc...... in fact if i do get a little high (which has been known) the mixing just gets more edgy & possibly more fun. I have never lost the use of my arms except for 5 years ago i broke my right arm badly crushing 2 bones completely. I had to have pins holding it together for 6 weeks & when the pins were removed it took 2 months to get semi normal use back. Only 2 weeks after the break i dicided to go back to work as i was bored & my first gig was with Michel De Hey in his club DA Phuture in Rotterdam. I played my 2 hours perfectly showing off by mixing on 3 decks with my right arm strapped to my body to keep it out of the way. It was so good that Michel asked me to continue for another 2 hours through his set which of course i obliged. This was well documented in the Dutch press. The following week i played at the Sonar music festival in Barcelona to 5000 people in the same condition perfectly.
As for the end we are open 27 nights per month.... the only club in the world to be open 6 days per week. Darren Emerson has the right to do whatever he so wishes at his Underwater night which is 1 of the 27 in the month & has benn running at the end for years........ hardly a sinking ship. You only have to look at the residents, Erol Alkam at Trash, Fabio at Swerve, Bukem & Cookin, Andy C at Ram, Steve Lawler at Harlem nights, Layo & Bushwacka!, Derrick Carter at Classic, Laurent Garnier at F-comm, My own Superfreak night, Bugged Out, Underwater, Clandestino, Rescue, Blonde, Riot & thats just the residents without mentioning the guests to realise that this is actually the most successfull night club on the planet!
So Graham you lying muppet..... no fraggle, why don't you just crawl into the hole you came from & get over the jealous thing, it'll only make you a very sad person with no love life.

>>By c@the-end   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 16:50)

Oh & 1 more thing i, i just noticed that the messages from Asad, Craig & Graham all apear on the same day.......... says something no?
Graham...... i will find out who you are!

>>By c@the-end   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 16:54)

This is now the second time this has happened to me on this site. Looking at the dates, this obviously took place around the same time that the comments about Slam were posted by someone posing as Terry Francis and as myself. It shouldn't take me to make it clear that this is obviously someone "trolling" as other people and attempting to stir up trouble for whatever reason.

Well - whoever you are - your plan has fallen flat on its face. People are not stupid enough to fall for this. If you are going to pursue this hobby of yours you could at least do it properly and spell the names you are masking behind correctly.

Everyone does have a right to a musical opinion, but if you do have a point you'd like to make you are only undermining it by behaving as immaturely as you are. No one would have a problem with you if you were to make constructive criticism about our music under your true identity.

But there's more to this than just musical taste. As Richard said, it's quite clear that the motive behind these posts is jealousy. This is a dark, sad and cowardly act of desperation.

So Mr "Graham": knowing that there are people out there like you who are envious enough to try and tarnish our names through falsehood helps us to realise that we've at least achieved something with our lives and hard work. Unfortunately, not everyone has got the balls to get out there and make their mark and perhaps it's hurts. So you just carry on hiding behind the veil of the internet and pursuing this hobby of yours while we carry on doing what we love - making and playing music.

Thankfully, since this was posted have introduced registration, which makes it more difficult for people to pose under false names. But if anyone does have any idea who has been doing this, we would be very grateful if you could come forward to help us.

Asad Rizvi
Reverberations / Wrong Recordings

>>By asad rizvi   (Thursday, 27 Nov 2003 02:46)

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