its a good job and i wanna be it some day after school

>>By samantha   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 15:45)

kill all the fucking people!!! MORTUARY

>>By screaween   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 12:26)

will and rog they fuckin rule,keep on the road guys...

>>By soulmakabra   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 22:31)

I wanna become a mortician some day

>>By TaSha   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 10:00)

i love disecting

>>By tanya   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 16:05)

sssssss is a good fucking death metal

>>By necrocannibal   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 05:20)

Hey all you fuck heads out there Mortician and the job of workin in a Mortuary rocks I always listen to Mortician and Cannibal Corpses while I do my job at workin with the dead. Keep up the Death Metal Mortician \\m// (o_0) \\m//. If any one would like to get ahold of me my e-mail is Fuck off everyone I mean laterz all you fuck heads. (I'm just playin any that listens to Mortician doesn't deserve to be called fuckheads all the fuckin preppy ass bitches do).

>>By Blood Raven   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 02:28)

mortician is brutal. the first band to introduce death grind metal to the 2 min punk song genre. fucking great stuff. hacked for barbecue is my fav.


>>By genocidal genius   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 05:56)

listening to mortician makes me want to cut up dead people and play with there insides

>>By therion   (Thursday, 11 Mar 2004 01:24)

all i know is that my best friend loves mortician and cannibal corpse and i get to look at his respective t-shirts alot. Every time i go to his house we just lay in his bed and crank up the stereo to either cannibal corpse, mortician, or carnivorous erection....good times, good times.

>>By Artemis7.0   (Saturday, 12 Jun 2004 21:09)

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