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He is an very miserable and lonly fellow. I think it would be very painfull to spend one evening with boring mozz, but, everything he wrote in the smiths, even in some pre loving-only-only-only-me mozz has great value. Not for him of course, cause it is only money, right mozz. Yes I grow up with the smiths and him so i am not objective, but stuff he wrote combined with marr really makes a world difference.
So it is hard to watch him now playing English hart irish blood?! and some of his new stuff...
He should change his name cause we know "mozz" and that is not it.

>>By beri   (Thursday, 7 Nov 2002 11:43)

I first heard of him and The Smiths thru this white girl friend named Tara.See I'm a hiphop emcee.This kind of music was an eye opening event for me.Never had i heard such lyrics before.Being a lyrist myself, S.Morrissey opened up a whole new world for me.As an African-American I grew up listening to alot of r&b.and funk music.Straight soul music.But this was a change of pace for me.It even made me put down the microphone for a while and learn to play lead guitar,thanks to The incredible playing of Johnny Marr.I could identify with Johnny,being that it is my first name.The first song i ever heard by him,was Last of the famous international playboys.I would sit with Tara,and a couple of other friends,and she would play the song for me over and over.I was hooked!!She would call me the last famous playboy.those were some great memories.Morrissey's great writing skills,even helped me become a greater hiphop emcee myself!Instead of using sampled music,i began to play with live instruments,as well as play in a live band.I even started singing more,than i rapped!Now i do both,I sing with a band and I still emcee.I know some of my fellow black friends would call me crazy for listening to the Smiths,but who cares! I love them.I also started checking out other bands like Echo and the bunnymen,Plimsouls,The pixies,and various other bands.I now can really appreciate Rock,alternative music.Even though Hiphop music is my greatest Love,till I die.I still love hearing that guitar flow when ever "This Charmming Man" starts to play.So take it from a brother who knows,don't doubt The Smiths music,and Morrissey's lyrical abilities or Johnny Marr's guitar playing.Cause those are some Dope cats!!To any body who hasn't heard them,I advise you to check them out.It could well change your life!!

>>By Johnny"General Lil'john"Irvin   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 23:53)

where the hell can i see morrissey videos on the web?

>>By cherry   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 04:51)

he is cool but he was better when he was in the smiths

>>By cory cook   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 02:05)

words are not enough to describe the god that is morrissey

>>By jude   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 08:13)

Morrisey is one of the greatest poets of the 80's, but I agree, better with the Smiths than alone.

Who cares about his sexual preference?, only Mid-West airhead rednecks

>>By FT   (Sunday, 9 Mar 2003 00:51)

Morrissey's music and lyrics are often too intelligent for the non thinking people that buy records by the likes of Westlife and Geri Halliwell. But for anyone who's personality is a little deeper than their 5 'o clock shadow Morrissey's lyrics are well worth listening to. What sums up the depression of feeling wasted in a job you hate than the song 'Frankly Mr Shankly'? What sums up the feeling of rejection encountered if you are on your own in a nightclub more than 'How soon is now?'? The sad beautiful longing for love of 'Please, please, please let me get what i want' or the coy flirtatiousness of 'Ask'? Morrissey sets these emotions to tune and stamps them on vinyl.

>>By Dagenham Dave   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 21:47)

The debate regarding the sexuality of Mr Morrissey is one that is as old as the hills. Morrissey has stated that 'we are all sexual' and there is no need to add a prefix to this. I think morrissey is right about this, maybe Moz has the right idea and one day it will catch on?(Much to the horror of the conservatives in society). Maybe Moz is the prototype for a new type of human we should all be aspiring to. Whether gay straight or fumbling in between Morrissey could never be called a hypocrite. With the Smiths first single being 'Hand in Glove' containing the lines 'the sun shines out of our behinds' and 'everything depends upon how near you stand to me' easily open to gay interpretation even by the less than astute listener. The even more blatant 'This Charming Man' becomes even more revealing if you replace the word 'bicycle' with 'bisexual'. To a fan of word play such as Moz this is bound not to be a coincidence. 'This Charming Man' detailing a bisexuals choice between staying with a dull fat girlfriend or driving off with a charming man is surely one of the Smith's finest songs, (and really hit home to me personally as i have been in that situation). Morrissey though never tried to be something he was'nt from the start his lyrics were honest, clever and witty. Moz was never one to proclaim the virtues of a sexuality that he did not identify with such as in the Miss George Michael and Miss Elton John colaboration 'Wrap her up' a piece of complete nonsense where two at the time closeted gay men are ranting about their attraction to women such as Marilyn Monroe, Samantha Fox, Bridget Bardot and Doris Day. (However the majority of the women mentioned were fag hags with huge gay followings so perhaps Elt and George were trying to tell us something after all??). Morrissey's sexuality is his business. Not everything in life is always clear cut there is a large gray area between hetro and homosexuality and maybe we should not feel pressured by society to cling exclusively to one extreme or the other. Who says you have to choose anyway? Especially if you enjoy a dip in either end of the pool, why limit yourself? As Woody Allen said 'Bisexuality doubles your chance of a date on saturday night'.

>>By This Charming Man   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 22:25)

morrissey is soooo sexy.....I got 4(soon to be 12) Mozz posters in my apartoment!!! I am a man and I love women, NO DOUBT, but frickin' Mozz.... He really does it for me. The Smiths changed my life, as a musician, as mySelf....goddam....I love it...

>>By robotic   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 09:35)

Morrisey is a modern day prophet in the music scene. His lyrics go deep into the soul and reveal to you alot of who you are. Yes, his lyrics can be understood to mean different things to each of us. How it is that he understands what we feel and when we feel it is amazing? He goes striaght across the board and reaches a wide audience. Very few musicians have ever gotten close to doing this. This again is why Morrisey is who he is.

As far as the people who try to tear him down ,I would just like to say,
"Let them rave, so that men know them mad!!!!"

>>By R/C   (Friday, 23 May 2003 21:29)

i am the female morrissey,quite simply. beware i hold more grudges than high court judges!

>>By lally   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 14:44)

The man is god himself, if you dont like Morrissey or The Smiths you deserve to die...well not really but the man is truly talented and has one of the best voices in musical history, and now he's signed to a label and I anticipate his album like nothing else!

>>By Mr.Shankly   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 21:53)

he's not gay or bi he doesnt like either.

>>By big mouth   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 20:29)

i love morrissey and so should u.

>>By foot fetish   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 08:51)

He changed our mind about this world, pain, love and everithing.

>>By Yeats & Keats   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 05:14)

The guy is a genious...pure Manchester,all coming from the heart!!!

>>By AnDy   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 02:05)

I absolutely love Morrissey! I mean this is quite trivial but my screenname is Morrissey12. And I first heard him through a good friend/brother. From the very first time I heard him I fell in love.He is such a good looking man.And his views are simply brilliant.I would love just to talk to him even if it were only for a minute. And I don't like him just for his looks like some but it's also for his style,vocals,and just everything that makes him him.

>>By Christy   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 05:12)

Have loved ver Moz since I was 11 (1984). Though the nagging feeling persists that greatness has eluded him since "Vauxhall". Looking forward to the album but anxious.

>>By Dunk   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 13:38)

what more is there to say then "the mozz has captured my soul with his beautiful voice and ways..."

>>By yayumi   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 06:50)

Saw Morrissey at da LIVID festival in good old Australia a year ago - still the god he was in THE SMITHS - still croons well enuff to make us weep for the JOY of MORRISSEY! Never die - I got ya writting on my wall - I sing along while I smoke a bong - and to you I take a bow.......

>>By Zeffa   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 07:36)

Morrissey has been forgotten by the press for a while now, partly of his own accord. His work has ,admittedly, been somewhat erratic but to go from being completely ignored to making the NME cover with an extensive interview split between two issues is really something notable to say the least. And without any particular developments to his style he managed to get a rave review for his new record by the paper. As he once said : "You should never go to them, let them come to you".

>>By thom   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 02:24)

The man is a class act.I saw him at the albert hall in 02 ,brilliant ,his passion is undiminished.

>>By supfur charminman   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 22:31)

He's very good, although I think some of his lyrics are a bit predictable - I don't like it when the verse is really short and he goes straight into the chorus singing the name of the song. But he's good nonetheless.

I thought that hiphop emcee posting here about 2 years ago was very interesting. I didn't think that kind of thing happened. It's great that Morrissey can break down these barriers between fans of different music. ; )

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 23:53)

i'm seeing Moz live tomorrow in MIami Beach and I can't wait. I have looking forward to seeing him for over ten years. His lyrics are deep and funny and shows that we all experience the same dramas in life. No matter where you are. He makes you feel like you are not alone. His new album is a more mature Morrisey, but with the same charming style!

>>By Sussy915   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 21:46)

well yes, he's an awesome poet ( wont argue that) but...The Smiths were The Smiths....he'll never live up to that, ever. I mean he has put out some good songs, as a solo career. But him and Johnny Marr went together like peanut butter and grape jelly...mmmmmm. But Moz became somewhat obsessed with Johnny Marr, and Johnny Marrs relationship with his g-friend. So Moz's own insecurites caused him to become very difficult to work with, let alone be in the same room.

>>By Alimas   (Friday, 29 Oct 2004 23:29)

I am a huge Moz fan. I think that no one else on earth can truly capture human misery, better than him. He digs deep into our tortured lair's; bringing what we are told ( by society) to keep internal. His music has helped me with my own drama in life. I also think he is brilliant at being controversial. He does it with great ease; and really pisses some people off. The one thing i have never really understood, is why people are so fascinated with his personal life. I could give amother less if the man was gay, bi, straight; or any other *termed* sexual preferences. The man is not God either. to say he is, is really laughable. He is human, just as the next bloke. He just happens to write really good songs. I'd give my right arm to meet him! Mmmhhhmmm.

>>By Alimas   (Friday, 29 Oct 2004 23:59)

"I think that no one else on earth can truly capture human misery, better than him. He digs deep into our tortured lair's; bringing what we are told ( by society) to keep internal."

Personally I think Radiohead are better at this. But don't listen to me, I think Radiohead are better at everything.

I haven't heard enough to judge really, but I think his solo career seems to be better than The Smiths. The latest album is really very good.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 23:16)

I know that it was Oscar Wilde who said, "Only England could have produced him, and he always said that the contry was going to the dogs. His principles were ouy of date, but there was a good deal to be said for his prejudices." And as i listen too his voice right now I realise that although Mr. Wilde isn't referring to Morrisey (how could he be), this description of one of his minor characters in 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray' says all too concisely who Mr. Steven Patrick Morrisey is.

>>By Mr. Shankly   (Friday, 5 Nov 2004 01:12)

'Live At Earls Court' = Melodic goodness.

>>By CHARLOS   (Monday, 25 Apr 2005 17:26)

he's performing in finland next sunday, at the ruisrock festival. hope i could go, but fuckfuckfuck i can't :( haven't heard his solo stuff that much, but the smiths... uh ah i love.

>>By merryslasher   (Wednesday, 5 Jul 2006 21:21)

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