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Ahhhhhhh i saw the metallica godsmack show two times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best show ive ever been too!!!!!!!!!!1 i got to give james a high five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best night of my life!

>>By godsmack420_cdxx   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 07:11)

I just came back from the Godsmack / Metallica concert myself, and it was one of the greatest nights of my entire life. Not Godsmack though, they SUCKED.

Metallica only played 2 songs from St. Anger, which was good, because the rest was all old stuff. And it was fucking great.

The best song played was "Master of Puppets." I had so much energy in me during that song. I screamed out the lyrics as loud as I possibly could, and they even did the solo which made my night.

Other awesome songs played were:

Fade to Black
Creeping Death
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Sad But True

And so much more. Fucking awesome night. I want to relive it, only WITHOUT Godsmack. What a lame excuse for a band. Holy shit.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 07:36)

Well Godsmack were the support band right? Noone really cares about the support band.

Nice track list. Interesting they play Sad But True.

I notice every recent tour they never play anything from Load or Reload :)

Meh I need to see MetallicA live sometime.....

Btw can anyone answer my question. In the bass solo on Kill Em All -- Anaesthesia -- Pulling teeth ... when the drums kick in ... is that a lead guitar wailing or still the bass?

>>By ftad   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 10:47)

how many albums do they have anyway...?

>>By HY...   (Saturday, 29 May 2004 12:03)

Kill Em' All, Ride the Lightening (I have no idea why the spell it with an E), Master of Puppets, ...And Justice for All, Metallica (the Black Album), Load, Reload, Garage Inc. (Discs 1 and 2), S&M (Discs 1 and 2) and St. Anger. Load and Reload are both pretty awful, but I love St. Anger and most of the old (older than Load) stuff.
I like the cover art on the albums, although again, Load and Reload don't appeal to me. That puts an end to the old saying "Don't judge an album by its cover"!
I think their worst song (or most annoying) is "The Memory Remains". They must have been really lazy when they wrote that because it is so monotonous.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Saturday, 29 May 2004 12:23)

S & M severely rocks. Well, it doesn't exactly ROCK, but it is very nice music.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 31 May 2004 15:33)

Yeah, S&M is really cool, although it's a shame so many of the songs on there are from Load and Reload! But then, they're pretty good on S&M. It's great the way the whole concert is practically fused into one song.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Saturday, 18 Sep 2004 14:26)

I don't really listen to S&M because most of the stuff is repeats of what's on their studio albums (in which my playcount is up to 40-60 for each album now). But I love The Ecstasy of Gold, even though they're not really playing in it; and also like the intros to No Leaf Clover and '- Human.'

Btw I think someone mentioned before in this discussion thing about the song 'Turn the Page.' Turns out that song is from Garage Inc. I just got Garage recently and some of the stuff on there really rocks (It's Electric, The Wait and Breadfan amongst others). Songs like 'Sabbra Cadabra' and 'So What' are thoroughly amusing in a morbid-punk politically-incorrect kind of way.

So who's seen the doco movie? That's great too.

>>By ftad   (Thursday, 23 Sep 2004 19:29)

Metallica did an awesome version of The Misfits "Last Caress". Other than that, meh, they're . Definately ain't no Guns N Roses!

>>By CherryBombshell   (Thursday, 23 Sep 2004 19:45)

Respect to the "old Metallica", and guns N roses did kick ass. But What the Fuck... Am i the only one that notice a rapid descent in the quality of music Metallica have been recording lately? Not to mention the total lack of self-respect leading to not just a few bad decisions which reflect horribly on the band. Lars Ulrich won't play becouse he wants the whole sandwich? Joey Did better anyway. But a song with JA RULE?!?? just to mention a couple. Sorry If i've offended any hard core Metallica fans, honestly, but does ST.Anger really compare to that of Ride the Lighting of Puppets? I think not.
Take care, Stay Metal Muthafuckas.

>>By FUCK OFF   (Friday, 24 Sep 2004 02:38)

It's not necessarily a descent in quality - it's just different. Some people prefer the new stuff. I respect Metallica because they're not churning out the same stuff over and over again. My favourite song remains "Nothing Else Matters".

>>By Bitch Fit   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 14:39)

I like One (by U2)

>>By spikee   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 14:49)

Anyone know who's that person at the end of "Tuesday's Gone" (Garage Inc.) with the retarded voice who goes "thank you everybody" (no offence if he really is retarded).

Hm up until Puppets, they had no filler songs. Then Justice had some below perfect songs. Black album had a few fillers. The Loads had quite a few fillers. Garage Inc. is half great half average. But St. Anger is improving. No bad songs on it really. I'm sure they're beef the production up, and stick some solos / instrumental in the next record; or at least do something different from the last.

>>By ftad   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 18:13)

Btw, listened to Garage Inc. about 25 times now. It's Electric, Sabbra Cadabra, Turn The Page, Astronomy, The Wait, Last Caress/Green Hell, Am I Evil?, Stone Cold Crazy and So What, all get 5 stars for me.

>>By ftad   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 18:16)

What about Invisible Kid? And Sweet Amber - I don't think those are so great.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 18:19)

I like those

>>By ftad   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 18:41)

I like them but I can't imagine them being hits.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 20:08)

I like the old lady at the end of The Memory Remains. Who is she?

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 01:01)

I love the song master of puppets.

>>By Jane   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 05:51)

Well depends what you mean by hits. Not until the Black album did people start really trying to identify Metallica songs as hits. True Metallica fans would say 90% of pre-'Black Album' songs were "hits" in the sense they liked them; even though they didn't get huge commerical airplay/recognition (if any at all?). As long as you like a song, it's a hit.

Re The Memory Remains.
"The contributed voice: It is Marianne Faithfull who sings the "nanana"- part - she also appears in the video. "

>>By ftad   (Wednesday, 27 Oct 2004 19:53)

metallica rock, i named my son Lars, after the drummer :o) yey! when he is old enough to understand, ill tell him where i got his name from, and i love telling people why i named my son Lars too. :o) woo hoo!

>>By molkos_lover   (Sunday, 14 Nov 2004 16:00)

Ever since I heard Sad But True and Enter Sandman, I can't stop listening. One listen was all it took to get hooked bad. Been listening a lot lately.

>>By scott1964   (Monday, 22 Nov 2004 16:46)

holy crap man, where have you been, under a rock?

>>By uebersoldat   (Friday, 26 Nov 2004 01:51)

Why the hell isn't there a discussion about chastain? I just noticed and i dont have a clue how you start up a discussion?!

Metallica are one of the most influential bands ever...up until st.anger. That isn't true metallica. They really need newsted back. Been learning One and its AWESOME!!!


>>By dannythejuggler   (Friday, 3 Dec 2004 22:33)

yeah id also like to know how you start up a discussion!!!! anyone got any ideas???? please share if you know! :o) ty xxxx
oh, ive been trying to learn sandman on my guitar...getting there but slowly! so if anyone has any tips, give me a holla!

>>By molkos_lover   (Friday, 3 Dec 2004 23:06)

You can't start your own discussions - go on the "Gnod Community" discussion and mention on there what you want.
molkos_lover: I advise practice!!
St. Anger is a perfectly acceptable Metallica album - it's just in the style of nu-metal.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Friday, 3 Dec 2004 23:08)

thank you bitch fit. ive done alot of practicing....and the tips of my fingers are sore! although i think they are starting to toughen up a bit now. :o)

>>By molkos_lover   (Saturday, 4 Dec 2004 15:53)

another abattoir, slaughterhouse, butchery, jaust like a Linkin Park! They are evil on the wrold. Wy people don't listen Jazz or Blues, Why? I can't understand that! I think in Jazz or Blues are some eggmass, romantic. I like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Aretha Franklin! Why in this web page are so few Jazz band Discussion? Linkin Park or Metalica is better than Jazz or Blues?

>>By Marts   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 12:36)

Kirk = Sex. That's all there is to it... And he's alright on guitar too... ;) hehehe

>>By miss_twigglet   (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2004 09:41)

Why are they still going? Do you think maybe someone should have crept up and whispered "quit while your ahead" in their shell likes?

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2004 14:13)

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