>>By VARG   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 13:30)

Lavdi Mayhem ! Lavdi Enver !

>>By Kaos   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 10:01)

Dead you are fuckin' great!
Who is Maniac?? Just a poor asshole.
Fuck this shit!

>>By Alessandro - Reggio Emilia   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 16:41)

yeah if it wasnt for euronymous, where would Mayhem be now?

>>By BEAVIS   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 09:37)

Mayhem is fucking great!!!!!!
Dead and Eyronymous were the greatest!!!!

>>By Funeral Bitch   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 08:24)

HAHAHA!!!! Teenagers talking about Dead and Euronymous!?? You don't have the slightest idea who these men were!!! If you would knew what they did and supported you wouldn't say they "were the greatest"!!! They were religious and fanatic men! You should read Euronymous' interviews, maybe you understand then.
The new "mayhem" have nothing to do with the real Mayhem!   (Friday, 21 Mar 2003 09:57)

to read an interview does not show the inside of there souls, you know nothing of Mayhem either. They are a great band, an immortal band even and we should remember Dead and Euronymous for what they did best, make great music

>>By Belphegor   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 04:26)

ZEBRA IV Zebra's bet yet!!!!!

>>By toons   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 05:40)

Mayhem is the greatest oldschool Black.Pure Metal fanatics.
The Old Mayhem will be live in the underground forever !!!

>>By Oldschool_m   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 22:59)

I myself am a great fan of mayhem and burzum. what is lame is the way that almost all of you are idolizing either varg, or dead or euronymous. the fact is they were just normal men. not gods, your all as pathetic as Xtians you have no idea what the hell black metal is! Euronymous and Varg were both involved in pedophile porn sites and if Varg killed him it was most likely over fame, money or women!!! The only man in the band worth idolizing is Hellhammer (one of the world's best drummers), why the hell does everyone talk about this burzum/mayhem shit that happenned over five years ago! get a life of your own to talk about and remember, worship satan.

>>By 666ASTAROTH666   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 04:51)

I agree with almost everything Astaroth said except Hellhammer is a comercial asshole and I hate him. 90% of people into Black Metal these days have no fucking idea what it's about and in my opinion there is no such thing as black metal anymore!

>>By Fulgora   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 05:08)

black terror metal ist absofuckinglutely krieg..

>>By krieg   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 16:27)

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