Matthew Herbert


Hey Mat"cheekey tunes" herbert. Louis here couldn't remember your main email but managed to find this one after finding some rock guy with the same name!! The talent obviouly lies within the name.
How fuckin mad was that? being in SF at a smilar time? but as you get more well known and more travelled you tend to go anywhere and find people you know,or people who know you,right?
So, Ive obiously kept up with the music that is yours and say that I llove and pass on all that I hear.
Don't stop for nothing but a breath, every once in a while.
If you do have time to pass on those email addresses in austrailia it would be really goood of you. but ,I know the shedule is tight and you'll be pardoned for being busy.
Talk soon....
Lord "His Royal Funky Shakedowness" Louis

>>By Lord Louis(the regal Rocker with the disco disposi   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 06:47)

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