how do these people compare to the band "Ruins"?

>>By mata   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 19:35)

cherche dvd loudness where???

>>By saxon92 france   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 14:46)

dvd loudness where??? bourdoulous@club-internet.fr   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 14:47)

Loudness still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear the music the is true and
is got that special something to it! I listen to Loudness everyday and still I hunger for more!!!!!!!!! This is something that was and is still special to me!!!!!!!!

KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Friday 101   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 07:39)

Great Band- The guitar work is tops.. The prices on these imports is crazy tho $60 for a CD.. I Don't Think so!

>>By Scott   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 10:47)

Akira is one of the greatest and most underated guitarist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Zach   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 11:22)

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