Lords Of The New Church



I'm writing you from NEXT ATLANTIS (SF Kalifornia.)
I've just now returned from recording the new LORDS album in Brighton with LORDS Brian and Dave.

The Sessions went brilliantly and I assure you LORDS fans will not be disappointed in my respect of their legend and legacy.

In December of 2001, I was informed that founding members, BRIAN JAMES (Damned) and Dave Treganna (Sham69) would be reforming THE LORDS of the NEW CHURCH for possible live performances.

Humbly, I submitted my band LUST KILLERS' tapes to Mr. James in an effort to have us join THE LORDS on just such a tour.

9 months later, the gestation period gave head when I was instead offered the Vox/Guitar position for the reformed LORDS.

For me, this a great honour to do justice for a band I owe so much of my youth to.
No One can ever replace Stiv but Brian and Dave can write the NEXT CHAPTER bringing their music to the world once again.
I do promise to respect the legacy and continue the doctrine.

The First 3 albums will be Re-released by TRACK RECORDS on CD this month with lyrics, liner notes and bonus tracks.
We expect the new 10 song CD to be finished in time for the SPRING EUROTOUR this April via

FEEL free to contact me with any thoughts and questions you may have

Very Truly,
Adam Wm. Becvare


>>By adam   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 21:19)

I own a copy of the SCENE OF THE CRIME Picture Disc LP (Perfect Beat, BEAT NINE PBCD 001, Germany-88) in an excellent consition and would like an estimate on it.
thank you.

>>By Olivier   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 15:18)

Back in the USSA now, where I've just completed 6 weeks of shows with LORDS of the NEW CHURCH founders Brian James(damned) and Dave Tregunna(sham69). We toured in support of the latest promotional disc HANG ON to over 10 countries.
You can read my personal gig by gig Lords Diaries at http://www.lostinthesupermarket.com/discus/messages/11/30.html?1055303269

Now I'm back to do the West Coast with my LUST KILLERS mid July. Stay Tuned!
in stiv's name


>>By adam   (Monday, 16 Jun 2003 21:55)

Just wanted to say I saw Lords new church play it affected me so much I became a singer we are called AUTUMN LORDS STIV WAS SO AWESOME .I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS NEW PROJECT IT WONT BE THE SAME BUT... THE NEW GUY SEEMS TO HAVE THE LOVE & SPIRIT SO I WILL GIVE THEM A CHANCE...HOPE LOTZ OF YOU WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON

>>By DDSTARSHAKER   (Tuesday, 11 Nov 2003 20:06)

A pop-rock-punkrock kind o' band from the eighties i was very fond of. If i may believe the messages above they were still around. Never expected to be honest. Never met anyone who knew the band. And to be honest it is excellent partymusic. Sometimes i go to some rock/metal/punk-party in which i think the music of LOTNC would fit perfectly. But if i ask the DJ about it it's always the same answer: 'how do you spell it?' Great music to rock on, but really listening it? Nah.......But they once covered 'Like a virgin' from Madonna to a hilarious version. Still great to hear.

>>By Sanvean   (Friday, 19 Sep 2008 21:58)

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