what the... no one's been writing something about Lordi.... :(

it's an awesome band, and I can't stop laughing when I'm listening to "Would You Love A Monsterman?" :P

>>By Mekko   (Friday, 4 Feb 2005 20:16)

Yes they are great! I guess they've become a some kinda cult band :) it's so funny that singer's voice is in real life so, hmh, "boyish" I don't know is that even a word! hehe. Well, that joke has taken them quite far... my fave song is "Devils is a Loser"

>>By Catri   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 19:11)

That song is awesome :) I've got friends that has seen 'em live when they saw Nightwish... wish I was there too... but I guess I'll get my chance to see 'em soon :D

>>By Sknot_doll   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 21:44)

They have really cool stage-show, pyros and stuff. Once the vocalist got on fire... haha.

>>By Catri   (Tuesday, 8 Feb 2005 11:40)

hehe cool

>>By Mekko   (Friday, 11 Feb 2005 16:58)

clip of Would You Love A Monsterman?
sound is crap though :(

>>By pivo   (Saturday, 12 Feb 2005 00:24)

Metal Hammer rated Lordi in last mag... they think it was ridiculous but definetely worth of checking out :P

>>By Catri   (Saturday, 12 Feb 2005 14:23)

I haven't read the latest metalhammer... yet.. heh... but they've talked about them before... and to be honest I don't give a f*** what they think :P hahah

>>By Mekko   (Saturday, 19 Feb 2005 16:35)

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