Liz Phair


I hear she's gonna collaborate with some songwriters from avril lavigne's stunning debut for her next album. How's that for a crap-fest?

>>By Joeb   (Friday, 25 Oct 2002 21:31)

yep-it's toatl pop-poop hell
at least we got a few great albums out of her

>>By adie   (Saturday, 27 Sep 2003 09:00)

She worked with the producers of April Lasagna, but that doesn't mean that she is now on the same level as this teenage doll.. surely loads ofd young female singer(songwriter)s still can learn a hell of a lot of Liz Phair...

>>By Campking   (Saturday, 27 Sep 2003 18:48)

I bought her new LP and took it straight down the second-hand shop the very next day.Full of dull and uninspiring songs.A huge disappointment.What a pity!She used to be great

>>By thom   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 16:52)

wow and I read such good reviews.......... still have to listen to it though...

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 17:42)

Hey everyone!

You should definately check out the KCRW show at the Universal Amphitheatre on Nov.22!! If you're a "sounds eclectic fan" you should have a blast at the show. This is one of those shows you do not want to miss out on. How often are you able to see BECK, Liz Phair,Damien Rice and The Jurassic 5 together at one show? I really suggest getting your tickets before it sells out! You can purchase your tickets through Ticket master or at the Universal Amphitheatre!! Do not get left out in the dusty trails of the lonely hearts!!I'll be there wearing my pink and purple polk a dotted slippers!

Aberdeen EOnics!

>>By lulu88   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 02:39)

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