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Has anyone ever heard of an album called "Monsoon" by the Little River Band?

>>By 1love   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 01:16)

They have been my favorite band since I first heard Help Is On The Way. LRB and the Eagles are the best live bands I have ever heard. I saw them in Williamsburg Va. in 1983 when John Farnham was their lead singer. I have just about all their songs on my computer and still listen to them a lot. I wish they could have gotten along better and stayed together, but a lot of bands have that same problem. It is mostly egos and that is a shame. Would'nt it be great if they could reform with Shorrick, Birtles and Farnham singing along with Wayne Nelson. That would be the best vocal band of all time.

>>By gp   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 04:39)

They are one of my favorite bands of all time.

>>By H.LButler   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 18:07)

i love L R B, especially in their early years. I think when Steve Housden & Wayne Nelson joined they were still great, 1988 Expo with Glen Frey as guest....WOW. I saw Goble, Shorrok & Birtles (original members) recently, again WOW, great concert. I believe they are good for several reasons, Great songs, well constructed, good musicianship and great harmonies. Very experienced players and nice people, Thanx LRB. P.S I love Wayne Nelson's "Who made the moon", great dedication to his daughter and all proceeds to a very important cause.

>>By robbo   (Wednesday, 19 Mar 2003 05:57)

i am so desperate for the hbo special video of about mid 1980's with farnham. I have seen them once in concert and will see them again, but I would really like to find this again. help

>>By punchy   (Friday, 9 May 2003 07:08)

I need an analysis of the Little River Band's song; "Cool Change." Does anyone know a website?

By K.

>>By K.   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 04:41)

I do not know much about the all around substance of The Little River Band. But I have to say that I absolutely love there song "Reminiscing". That is simply a great song. One of many they wrote. I just love it and never get tired of it.

>>By humble boy   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 23:33)

it's remarkable that a band could survive for all these years with all the personel changes, my favorite vocalist is glen sharrock.
i saw the group in 1980, then again in 2000, the only person who was in the group both times in wayne nelson.
i have purchased the new album and i think they really have it together for all they've been through, most groups who use the name do not sound good, these guys are really good.

>>By scarfitup   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 13:02)

Does anyone know how to get the H B O special that Punchy asked for ?

>>By wideglide   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 23:36)

I have been looking for a particular LRB song for awhile now. I know the lyrics but not the song title.

"All this time, all this worry,
all this way to go for nothing.
What's the sense of the hurry,
You tell me if you sense something

I dreamed a lot when I was younger.
I'm older now but still I hunger
for some understanding.
There's no understanding now
Was there ever?"

If you could let me know what the title of this is song is, I would appreciate it.

>>By John   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 08:48)

This is for wideglide and punchy - I taped the HBO special back in the 80's and it seems to be in good shape. They will always be one of my favorite bands. I can make a copy but then what?

>>By Sue   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 23:48)


>>By wideglide   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 03:42)

Yes, Monsoon is available on E Bay or Amazon

>>By Dutch   (Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003 04:51)

Is it possible to get "backstage pass' on cd and/or dvd?.

>>By lying eyes   (Wednesday, 14 Jan 2004 08:37)

I never tire of :"help is on its way'.I first heard this back in the 70's and it was such very cool and groovy song.It still is.
'backstge pass' is a very good "live' performance double album.
"Get lucky" is an amazing album too,very catchy and addictive.

>>By lying eyes   (Wednesday, 14 Jan 2004 08:43)

I am trying to get a copy of the LRBs HBO Special from Melbourne in 1983, w/ John Farnham on vocals. I was surfing and saw that WIDEGLIDE found a copy back in July of 2003.

Can any one help?


>>By EBLOGIC   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 21:47)

ByJohn, that song you are looking for is called Harvey and is not by little River Band but Ambrosia. It appears on their second album Somewhere I've Never Traveled. Just saw them the other night and they did play it!
1love, yes, I have heard of Monsoon. It came out in June 1988 on MCA and was the album that marked Genn Shorrock's return to the band after 5 and a half year absence.
That 1983 HBO show does turn up on Ebay from time to time as a video or DVD. Look for it there.

>>By J.   (Monday, 16 Aug 2004 19:00)

By Punchy, Wideglide, or Sue, I've been looking for "Live from Melbourne, 1983" for years. It's only since I've gotten this computer, that I've found it possible to try and get a copy. I've got every CD on LRB, but that tape would be the cream of the collection. With all of my appreciation, could you help me out? I'll check back everyday for a responce. Just "Take It Easy On Me" for I'm but a "Lonesome Loser"

By Big Al 8/20/04

>>By Big Al   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 07:29)

I keep hearing everyone talk about this 1983 Hbo special and I need to know where you found it! My father has been searching too and you are the only people who know about it! Please help, it would be greatly appreciated!

>>By sammydoll   (Wednesday, 8 Sep 2004 20:49)

Dear Sammydoll,

Back in 83, I was taking a shower, when I heard this voice coming from my TV. It turns out to be a concert by the Little River Band that was such a kick butt concert, that I called HBO to get a copy, with no success. So for the last 21 years, I've been looking. My passion for this tape will never die, nor my love for the LRB.

>>By Big Al   (Wednesday, 29 Sep 2004 13:05)

I found a dvd of "Live in Melbourne" on ebay and someone outbid me... But i bet if you keep looking someone will want to sell it. Apparently it's a limited edition. They only made so many copies in 1983. If I find anything else out, I will keep you posted. :)

>>By sammydoll   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 18:09)

I am, too, looking for that HBO special from "The Net" tour of 1983. HBO does not respond to inquiries. Although Glenn Shorrock is great, Farnham's renditions of old LRB standards, plus "We, Two", and "Down on the Border" were just so dynamic. I had the vhs but lost it in a flood. I would take the video in any form, if I could find it. I have all the other videos that I could find.

>>By clubdude   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 00:54)

I am looking for a vhs or CD used or new or whatever of the , "little River Band HBO Special", from the 1980's. I can brighten my wife's day up just by putting this concert on, no matter how "Down" she is. Our copy finally bit the dust. I know it is rare, but I would buy one that is in good shape if it is not just totally out of sight.

>>By Hoot   (Sunday, 31 Oct 2004 18:47)

Hey Sue and/or Wideglide! I would take a copy in any format or virtually any condition for virtually any price. This concert has special meaning for me and my wife. Please contact me. I will give you my email address if you do....thanks

>>By clubdude   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 20:16)

Hey Clubdude and Hoot,

I just got the DVD LRB Live from Melbourne from ebay. It was the only copy, but I wrote the seller a e-mail and asked if they had more copies to sell. I'm waiting for a responce as we speek. Anyone who knows of this concert, knows what it means to them. I'll keep in touch, and let you know.

>>By Big Al   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 23:12)

I'd also like to get my hands on a copy of the HBO special. If anyone hears of one for sale would you please contact me? Thank you!

>>By johnfan   (Thursday, 4 Nov 2004 04:43)

OK, sports (LRB) fans...I found it. I found it!! It's being shipped to me as we speak. You know that I will share for whatever it costs to reproduce it. I am planning on getting it copied to dvd, and recorded on vhs machine that does professional copies, so I hope to have both. As ya know, the vhs ain't much, but the dvd is forever! Stay tuned, and let me know here if you want to possibly get a copy. I will let you know what the cost is, here. I am not selling this on ebay or anything. This is for all of you LRB heads like me, only. Plus my local friends of course. Thanks for all of your efforts. Especially you, Big Al.

>>By clubdude   (Saturday, 6 Nov 2004 04:52)

p/s I think I am getting the cd of that concert, too. I'll let ya know....regards

>>By clubdude   (Saturday, 6 Nov 2004 04:56)

Hey all you LRB fans out there. If you go to ebay, under Little River Band, Click on buy now, you'll see Little River Band Live on DVD. For $27.99 total price. Yes, it's the one from Melbourne from 1983. I just got mine, and I've been looking since 83 for a copy, I cryed while John was singing, "Please don't as me" the first song, remember?
Good lock to everyone, and enjoy.
Now I'm looking for THE NET on CD. The last one I saw was going for $99.00. I'm afraid I don't want it that bad.

>>By Big Al   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 21:17)

LIVE IN MELBOURNE-1983 HBO SPECIAL. I just ordered mine from : seastone records off of EBAY. When I got back on, it wasn't listed anymore. The emai address they gave me was: did say it was a limited release or something like that, so , maybe if you email them , they can tell you more..............GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

>>By Hoot   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 20:58)

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