Lightning Bolt


lightning bolt is more then rockin out...its unbeleivable. buy everything or youll kill yourself later.

>>By my name is a nickname   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 22:45)


>>By DICK SUCKER   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 19:40)

i am try ing to book lightning bolt for a show and i dont know how to get a hold of the what is your suggestion

>>By phen ice   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 20:39)

Dude, these bitches have bitten GHS from the sound, to the 2 piece, to the titles, to everything... Sounds good though... If ghS were still in action, i'd hunt l.b. & kill them, but carry on.

>>By godheadfuckin'Silo   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 11:06)

what kind of bass does this guy use?!?!

>>By LIAR   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 06:56)

Clark University wants to book "Da Bolt", but we have scoured the internet to no avail. Give us the 411 and we'll hit you with sum chedda, if you know what I'm saying.

>>By iknoweverything   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 22:58)

Try the load records site for bookings. If you can dance to lightning bolt, check out the now defunct Arab on Radar. Also Hella. Some of Puff daddy's stuff is good too. Staind rules!

>>By ban_the_apocalypse   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 04:07)

let us all enter the mist

>>By jbizzy   (Saturday, 21 Jun 2003 09:39)

lightning bolt is not classic rock

>>By mamou   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 23:38)

okay first off. . .why does the lightning bolt discussion board suck donkey balls???

and second. . .lightning bolt is mind blowingly awesome. . .infinitely insane. . .and just so fucking good that i can hardly believe it!

okay okay. . .i'll calm down. . .

but seriously. . .these two brians tear it up! i mean. . .come on. . .do yourself a favor. . .and check them out. . .

i'm going to retreat to my room now. . .to blast apart my eardrums with the awesome sounds of this drum and bass playing duo. . .and you're not invited!

>>By drowninginflame   (Thursday, 28 Jul 2005 03:02)

He uses a bass with 3 guitar strings. Lighting Bolt rocks everyone's world. I've talked to a band called ABIKU who has had them play in their basement. They said it was amazing.

>>By White Light   (Thursday, 28 Jul 2005 22:02)

Is it a bass with guitar strings or a guitar tuned down low? By the way I think this is a trick used by Magik Markers.

>>By thom   (Friday, 29 Jul 2005 23:22)

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