Lewis Taylor


I know soul when I hear it and this blue eyed soulster has plenty of it and then some. His best album has got to be his debut, dark broody, pyshcodelic with searing soul and lyrics that can tug at your mind and heartstrings into a feverish cacophony. There are many people who try to pigeoin hole lewis taylor, but he is so good at cooking up his melting pot of varying genres that it's hard to do so. If we are to take Ray Charles advice that there is only "good and bad music" Taylor most definitly belongs in the former. There is a reason why he has a cult following all around the world. If he ever makes it downunder, you can be sure I wouldn't miss it for the world, unfortunely as I have read in certain reports lewis actually prefers not performing, I can only hope it is not a sign of him showing lacking inspiration. Afterall it is in the studio where his mind and creativity are most deft. My favourite Lewis Taylor Songs are: Spirit, Song and Bittersweet

>>By 1D   (Monday, 29 Jan 2007 13:17)

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