Lcd Soundsystem


Holy crap... I'm AGAST! Nobody has commented on this?!

If you like your upbeat music to stick in your head all-damn-day-long, please listen. Perhaps you like your lyrics a little wry and your music to freak out at it's apex, good, here you are. Take all the "hippy" out of Phish, replace with New York F-U attitude, back it with layered tracks of vintage equipment and play it for your friends. Make sure you give them the "I-know-it's-good" look.

The progression of Sacramento Cali's !!! (chk-chk-chk), Daft Punk, and the cocky-cool of Josh Homme.

>>By Johnny L   (Thursday, 2 Feb 2006 16:03)

Putting this back in the rotation. New video "Tribulations" is availible at the site.


>>By Johnny L   (Saturday, 11 Feb 2006 19:44)

Im not sure why an ageing indie kid should be doing liking this, maybe it's the bands shamelessly name checked on 'Losing My Edge'? Mybe it's the Hacienda flashbacks? Or maybe it's just a midlife crisis?

>>By defacer   (Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006 12:24)

Can anyone tell me a bit more about them? I've just ordered their first long-player.

>>By nonyeb   (Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007 18:53)

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