Korn, Before They Sold Out


its kinda funny how NOBODY on this planet can give one single reason as to why they think KoRn sold out. I think its because everyone knows they DID NOT sell out. you people dont know what it means to sellout. LIMP BIZKIT-thats a perfect example of a sellout band. Korn has grown and developed their sound and become even better than they were when they first started. I am growing very tired of hearing the emphasis on their first album and their second one at that-yes they are fantastic albums-BUT ALL THEIR ALBUMS ARE-i dont see how korn just suddenly stopped making good music (in the minds of you people)....the newer stuff is almost BETTER because of how melodic the songs are and how incredible Jonathan Davis' voice has been developed into...but whatever...since you all have the iq of a vegetable i guess there is no rational explanation as to why you think they sold out.

>>By Tommy Bazzano   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 19:55)

They didn't sell out motherfuckers, all their albums are phatty phat bitch ass jack offs, I think you former koRn fans are sell outs, because I Aewangster_Kocko is the loyalist Korn fan in the planet. The reason you asswhipes think that is because, in every album Korn changes their style of everything, I seem to like their change dudes and dudets. Their new album don't suck, hey they won a freaking grammy for peeks sake..... I hate you guys..... freaking former koRn fans sellouts......Korn rules! Go Kings!

>>By Aewang Saetern   (Friday, 11 Apr 2003 17:18)

I agree with you Aewang, Korn's music is more powerful now then it was in 1994, And I think the members of korn did an excellent job with writing the music to UNTOUCHABLES. Their riffs on the fifth album are both heavy and melodic which enabled Jonathan to prove to his fans and the sellout fans that he has a melodic voice and that he doesn't have to scream. I happen to love the way he screams and lets all of his pain out, but the melodic riffs and his melodic voice and putting those too together it's a beautiful thing. KORN will be around for a long time and I'll be supporting them unitl they can't play no more. But I hope they never stop.

Mike Harvey

>>By Mike   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 23:49)

Dude, I have been a Korn fan for 9 years when they played local in San Diego, and their music is starting to suck. These cheesy songs Jonathan does like Hollow life are just bad. His voice on Untouchables sounds bad. His raspy scream turned into a nasty gurgle like yell. And writed about something new, Chino said it best the guy is 30 years old. There are good songs on all the albums but the good ones on the new albums are the ones that sound like the first two albums. Selling out is by definition changing your music or appearance for cash. Didn't they take half a million to wear puma's and dump adidas? Jon will never change his lyrics because painful childhood lyrics is what sold in the past and still sells today. But hey can you blame them? If you were offered half a million to promote puma would you turn that down? Think about where they grew up and what they came from. You gotta be stupid to pass up the money. I think they have just ran out of ideas and they are limited on talent. Except for maybe Head and David, they are not putting forth their best efforts like the early days. Head can play guitar a lot better than what is on Korn albums.

>>By ash   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 18:40)

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