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kim wilde is the sexiest stars ever, she just rocks, her diva attitude and physical looks just so hot that
i wish i was her :)

>>By sandra   (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002 23:07)

there are not many female singer
you still remember after 20 years! kim wilde produced
classics like kids in america! she is with a doubt one
of the best singers great britain had so far!

>>By tommy   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 00:25)

Hi people,

I look for some video downloads of Kim but I was not succesful. Neither on official site or another....Only 3, 4 clips. I search f.e. the old movie Keep me hangin on to remember my teen age and dancing in clubs :)) DonĀ“t you know where I can find this? Thanks a lot.

>>By Zdenek   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 15:35)

Hi.. I have lots of Kim Wilde Videos and rare mp3s.. anyone interested in trading/sharing can contact me on AOL IM my screename is speeder 929

>>By speeder929   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 11:38)

That's enough, Kim. Nobody forces you. Just turn your face up towards
the year of 2010. It is a conspiracy which has the appearance of a mad-
house. It seems devoid of life. It is a conspiracy. Why us?. Why not?. We can control it. We're doing what we've been told, or else.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Friday, 16 May 2003 18:29)

Are you different from everyone else in Birmingham?. A sense of not
belonging came to you and stayed with you. Different sides of a fence.
But you're not deep down inside. You're not shut in with your "it's-a-long
-way-off" ideas that won't let you look outside. You're free, Kim.
You'd better have a run through of what has been happening during ...
"your absence". That will teach you everything. Loaded Tango.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Monday, 19 May 2003 16:20)

What danger could there be?

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Monday, 19 May 2003 17:05)

Gambling?... I know you do not give way to that.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 23:45)

Mist has fallen over the town... Greyhound,...another step closer to you...

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Thursday, 22 May 2003 22:34)

You are free forever, Kim.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Thursday, 22 May 2003 22:35)

It's easy 2 become elemental, Kim. I guess we forget ourselves some-
time. Nobody can hurry you now, least of all smithreens themselves.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Friday, 23 May 2003 16:27)

Smith e-reens...
I'm sorry I can't send them a mesage. I must be HALF out of my
mind considering the the chance I took.
HALF - 1 = 49

........You came.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Friday, 23 May 2003 23:08)

starting point


movie "Occult balance" ( 28 blank dominoes, just checking...)

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 17:49)

Easy weird patch of life. Volunteered to go to Belgium?. Faded room, a lady in a long red dress. She put us through it all.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Monday, 26 May 2003 16:58)

Although HALVES are what you want ABOVE ALL THINGS, above all things to HALF-REMEMBER following a known path, there is a barrier between HALVES. The barrier is Belgium. Both HALVES know it,
although Ghent is never mentioned./// Bridge; a train is being brought abruptly up. ///

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Caros Lincoln Marks   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 01:48)

DREAM COINCIDENCES ... Taking our stroll along non-time images. Dates and scenes can be perfectly "transported". GHENT-Belgium: perilous position.
Kim Wilde: What a night that was, for during it I met Paul McCartney for the first time. I must make you see Paul McCartney. Everyone was wrong about what happened afterwards. That is what I want you to ...
undertand more than anything. It couldn't have been the way it seemed. It just wasn't possible. Think back, think back. There was something about this place. It was the dark, it was the eeriness. I had stayed there,
where was I now?. Perhaps I was lost and the railway tracks haunted the place and the train's headlight was warming me now. Yet I was planning to go to England with Linda McCartney. I changed... I changed ...
overnight. Because I went down into your room.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 19:06)

DREAM COINCIDENCES... Taking our stroll along non-time images. Dates and scenes can be perfectly "transported". GHENT-Belgium: perilous position.
Kim Wilde: Yet I was planning to go to England with Linda McCartney...
C.L. Marks: Delusion shared by associated persons. You always HALF walked away. Industrial art or mole. Think back. July 1977, you opened all the windows and listened for a sound from the street , it looked like black fabric, a double-blank domino-like Peugeot 504 rolled on it, there was Deep Purple sounding off "Smoke on the water". OK?
Kim Wilde: Linda McCartney and Mark Lester and a guy named Ferdinand. Remember?. Ferdinand was mole hunter who seemed to like your work. Industrial art or mole?. Trapped by a conspiracy. The scene tensed. Prudence, patience and unfulfillment seemed to eliminate that place. Procol Harum's "Pandora box" filled the air. OK?
C.L. Marks: Ferdinand said a number 61067 which you couldn't remember. He also say; Chocolate, Kim ?. Cerro Otto, just taste it, please. It was 1985. OK?
C.L. Marks: That velocity never caught you off-guard. I mean: 1977__________1985...
C.L. Marks: When it's 1:00 in the morning in Argentina... it's 1:00 in the morning in Iowa and everywhere.
Kim Wilde: Yes, I heard you.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 01:48)

DREAM COINCIDENCES... Taking our stroll along non-time images... Switzerland, Nantes (France), Ghent (Belgium).
Big MOLE ... Set 1976 - Set 2002...BLOCKED.
"Slammedoor" or "Slammeddoor" or "SlammeDOD"...( the cityscape is quick sometimes). Can be found in Ghent (Belgium). This restaurant and bar features "moving targets" and attract a crowd...4 ever.
Kim Wilde: Disconnected. For a moment, I was just disconnected. Out of sight.
Iggy Pop: Tiny empty stage. Three-way mirror. A changing core of a core.
Carly Simon: It surpasses clairvoyance.
Glenn Frey: We're supposed to know what people will do years from now.
Suzanne Vega: It's so cold outside. Some people on the coast must be frozen.
Stevie wonder: We're just Switzerland's money bodyguards.
David Bowie: At this moment, we're at mercy of money.
Nik Kershaw: When is "now"?. April 1986? Think back. April 1986?
Winona Ryder: Make a big stir, Kim. Just find the dates.
Sissy Spacek: I've been driving along several lawns.
Britney Spears: Hello there!. I'm Britney Spears.
Kim Carnes: There's rancor in this new beginning.

September 2002. Big MOLE BLOCKED (dom no whist)

Carlos Lincoln Marks

Phil Collins was silent.

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Thursday, 29 May 2003 00:11)

DREAM COINCIDENCES... Ghent (Belgium). Memories produce visons, and visions journey further in non-time situations. Line of sight. Line of vision...
Chrissie Hynde: We know nothing about Ferdinand.
John McLaughlin: You're full of surprises, Miss Wilde.
Andy Summers: Last precious messages in a bottle.
John McLaughlin: Different tools..., Spiro Gyra. No help to be looked for in Queen.
Roy Scheider: I leave you in lonely command of CloCKWorks (CKW), Marks.
C.L. Marks: What kind of day will we have tomorrow, Kim?. Tomorrow. OK?. Let's stop by now.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Friday, 30 May 2003 00:31)

DREAM COINCIDENCES... Ghent (Belgium) Perilous position. BLOCKED. You started to pace to the windows and back.
Kim Wilde: Vigilance. Townspeople seem to frisk us. There were TWO of them outside. I walked by them both TWICE.
Stephen King: Townspeople in uniform?
Sheena Easton: We're intact. You got the TWO confused, Kim.
Stephen King: They're not allowed to touch us. They're not allowed to ...see us.
Kim Wilde: Cyndi Lauper!...Cyndi Lauper!...
C.L. Marks: You were pacing back and forth in front of the windows. Windows hide among the delusional windows we create., such as keyboards, screens, switchboards, cabinets for TV sets. Cyndi Lauper ma-
terialized in a sort of auditorium.
Stephen King: cockpits, dashboards, windscreens, etc... Adrift.
Cyndi Lauper: I need you, Kim. But if you're not ready, I'll wait.
The Smiths: you can wonderin here calling us The Smithereens any time it suits your fancy. Look, we wear no uniform.
Kate Bush: Well-balanced combat. Intelligent eyes.
Chrissie Hynde: We know nothing about Ferdinand other than his name.
Don Henley: Just compare the images. Repeat the mental labor.
C.L. Marks: Ferdinand was gone. I sat in his place.
Don Henley: There was trouble outisde a moment ago. Who were you, Kim.
Kim Wilde: I was Kim Wilde.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 31 May 2003 01:02)

DREAM COINCIDENCE... Ghent-Belgium . BLOCKED. Korte Meer (street).
C.L. Marks: You had talked to me as if I were 10 years younger.
Kim Wilde: Korte Meer. Windows face East.
Linda Hamilton: It's becoming a state matter.
Kim Wilde: We're meddling now. We'll be in need of a bit of organizing.
Linda Hamiton: Confinement.
Kim Wilde: Telephone works.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 02:12)

Kim Wilde: Something told me it was the place 4 me. The past comes vividly back to me. I must know what happened and how it happened. It wasn't done in a night. 10 years it took, 1988-1998. I don't remember
the trek out of Ghent (Belgium). It was as if I was missing something or hoping to miss something. Nobody knew that I would finally miss it. Nobody knew how I would miss it.
C.L. Marks: Townspeople don't talk about it...much.
Meat Loaf: There you are, Kim Wilde. What are you up to?
Kim Wilde: Call me Kim. Kim Wilde makes me sound like someone else.
Meat Loaf: I see. You've always been different from the rest of Can I see you, I mean outside?
Kim Wilde: I stare ahead of me. I see it all so clearly. In a friendly spirit.
C.L. Marks: It's just a suburban train station. Humid evening. Empty platform.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 17:28)

DREAM COINCIDENCES... Secrets and phrases and quick phrases and visons and images and appearances in GHENT (Belgium).
Point Zero - Flight - Hover - Roberta's union - Antechamber - Ceremony - In the middle of Roberta...Roberta and her friends are standing naked...out of reach...Come for me!...Better 4 them not 2 know...LEAVE ALONE LAST WARNING!!!. I used to envy Paul McCartney. Alison moyet plays games which involve confusion and Cameron Diaz.
Brian Eno: I can only repeat, Miss Wilde, that you have never seen Roberta. You watch her walk acroos the room, but knock on Marks' door. There's a lot Roberta has to learn about this thing called fascination, obsession..., never mind what she calls it, it is what it is that really counts. You always pause at The Doors.
Martha Davis: Dreaming is after all a necessary accomplishment. Don't forget that we're here 4 a relief.
Kim Wilde: A relief from what? Here is suggestion that changes are in the air.
Fiona Flanagan: Union is in the air. We won't be born from such a union.
Martha Davis: Do nothing contrary to the customs of The Matrix, and never quote what is done in Ghent. Future cannot be exhausted. Got it?
Kim Wilde: Dreams landed me on the opposite side of the strait of Dover.
Brian Eno: Landed? Did you fly? Freed yourself from all the advantages of which you were deprived in reality?
Kim Wilde: Childish reality. A psychological STATE suggesting flight. I should trust to my day-dreams, to my ability to walk my way out of my dreams.
Brian Eno: Our dreams.
Martha Davis: Never suggest that we do something better in Ghent than they do in The Matrix. We cannot be imitated. We are being "repressed" now. These methods have great dangers.
Brian Eno: Nobody wants to learn to admire lunatics. But I always catch someone watching me furtively.
Martha Davis: We're useful. We're needful.
Brian Eno: I'm just imagining what would happen if we come to Ghent in dreams.
Kim Wilde: Come to me by Voldersstraat.
C.L. Marks: Point zero. Turning-point. Starting-point. Let's go.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 22:06)

WE SHARE A BADGE Ghent (Belgium). ACME. Point of perfection.
Drifting by Voldersstrat, heading east, I turn to the right...Korte Meer.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 16:45)

KORTE MEER ... Ghent (Belgium)
The bottom of the story had been laden with mob borders. Wallowa Mountains (Idaho) got rid of a recent intrigue-ridden wound. We're expressle forbidden to build a life on wreckage. We have drifted so far apart that we have nothing between us except brainwashed
pieces of the Beast who exist in state of perpetual anger. They speak the truth and analyze the working of the showdown. They fade away when the game isn't played their way. They are all victims of a forgotten wound. We push the panic button without giving them
time to hide their patterns. When they are frustrated and hurt and frightened they want to go where no one would find them. We will live as we are living in the new beginning now, alone, to ourselves. Ridded. The devilish cleverness of Korte Meer.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 22:50)

KORTE MEER... (Tomorrow night: Friday, June 06 2003).
Roberta: I'm naked. I have no shame. I love being naked. Malignly naked. I love orgies and extravagant orgasms. Disco looks as if it ought to be haunted.
C.L. Marks: You love your identity to be revealed at the fearful climax of the dream, Roberta. So terror will be upon us.
Roberta: I'm "circulating" obscenes images and verses. Can you see them, yet-heardie?
C.L. Marks: Roberta wants the revolution in Europe's universities to tremble. She wants to stop the "revolt". But she cannot work underground as a mole. We will dig her out tomorrow night. Korte Meer's "peace zone" windows will look on the weird Disco tomorrow night. No one will go because Roberta and her friends travel incognito. See what I mean?.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 23:24)

KORTE MEER... (Tonight. Friday, June 06 2003. After midnight. 01:00am)
Stay at your window after midnight and wait and watch. We're in a maze of transparent passageways and chambers. An invisible window; only a few kisses thick. Follow the random turnings of the corridor. Go along the corridor. Carryon, Kim. It looks familiar.
No one waits in Korte Meer to catch a glimpse of us. Tangible visions. Feeling numbed to
see what that is that we are an inevitable sequel which enlivens Harwich (England). The
scheming medusa will take off her clothes and will begin to move.
Roberta: Marks, do be careful. I wish you'd give us time to see...
Out of the darkness outside machine-guns will go rat-rat-tat-tat. We never make an actual
appearance during the whole of the dream but WITHOUT US THERE WOULD BE NO DREAM.
Peter: We're central figures in the plot.
It's the looker-on who sees the best of the game , and we're very observant lookers-on.
And we're too numb to mind the pain. Rat-rat-tat-tat. We twist and turn among them. They're
mysterious, we're right out in the open.
Roberta: wake up and live. Whichever way one turns in the dream there's this Disco tonight.
Mario the magician: You old-timers have got rough tongues. Do you fancy all whores, or ...
just Roberta?
Peter: I can lend you money, but I doubt you'll need it once you're on the train to Laredo.
Martha Davis: My friends are going to Laredo too.
Mario the magician: This whole part of Europe does really need us.
Roberta: You're the man who built Peter, and I know you've built others too, yet-heardie.
Mario the magician: Peter is a killer and so is Roberta. Get Roberta to the train to Lecce.
Peter: Italy.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 00:05)

You should.. aDD... something to that song, Kim.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 01:44)

KORTE MEER... Money is waiting to be made.

Carlos Lincoln Marks

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 16:55)

Cells dare not be alone 2 think

>>By Carlos Lincoln Marks   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 22:15)

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