Josh Wink


Josh wink is awesome

>>By drez   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 16:13)

Wink was the first DJ who broad me in to the world of hause...united dj of america extremly cool and don forget to mention pro found soun uffffff....what a tiger...... today he is playing here in Dominican Republic for the first 1am ill be crazy can say that!!!!! pardon me my english.....

>>By armando   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 19:51)

Im a Simpel dj and i like Josh Wink Music And i played Some Time

>>By dj baby   (Sunday, 20 Apr 2003 17:14)

He is the only spinner i've ever heard bring a sober girl to orgasm on the floor. nuff said ;)

>>By ennishere   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 00:18)

yeah he is ok, but no euro hooooooooooosssseeeeeeeeee raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvaaaaa

>>By mr. cheese   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 12:52)

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