John Mayer


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I love John with all my heart...he' s such a cutie : ) he;s my hunny bunches...and I support him all the way! I;ve never seen him at concert before...But I really want to!!! I luv ya baby!

>>By Ida   (Thursday, 7 Nov 2002 18:24)

i love john's music...i can't wait till the end of the week when i'll finally get to see him in concert!

>>By Alibabytakeforever   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 00:36)

Calentie!!!! wow he is a hottie i love the song " your bodys a wonderland a good song to make love to ! stay cool and sweet john!

>>By gypsygal698   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 17:53)

I Was Able To See John Mayer Live In Concert In Australia This Year And WOW! What A Show I Took Some Pictures That Are Up On My site At Http:// Then Click On The John Mayer Link Hope You All Enjoy :)

>>By Mickyb`   (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002 16:36)

oh my. what a man. not only is he a wonderful guitar player, he is beautiful and has an amazing voice. i wish he could sing me to sleep. my body can be his wonderland!

>>By sassysista22   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 09:31)

yeah i have to say that john mayer is incredibly sexy...but the coolest thing about him is that he acts like a normal guy. he is hilarious at his concerts and talks to the fans like he would to his friends. ITs like he said at one of his concerts "I am the same as everyone else..the only difference is that i have a better guitar than you." i love how he puts on his shows, nothin too flashy or anything, its just "comfortable".

>>By megZzZzZz   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 02:59)

John John John. What is there to say except...AH! The best looking, most down to earth. greatest singing voice and most inspiring music lyrics man is soo gonna be mine! haha ill share a little bit though!

>>By chelseasweetie   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 02:46)

Whoa John mayer, he's so incredibly talented, i bought his cd room for squares, and I love it so much. John Mayer is very hot and his has absolutly the best and sexiest style! mmm, I just can't get enough of him!

>>By Chubbywings   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 02:08)

WOW!!! *JoHn MaYeR* He is such a cutie!! :) Not to mention his amazing lyrics. I can't get over him!! His song, "Love song for no one," wow...I don't even have the words to explain how awesome John is.

>>By Lindsay   (Tuesday, 31 Dec 2002 05:19)

i love his songs the touch my soul he is so talented and i hope he continues forever thank you

>>By redbeauti   (Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003 08:15)

I'm gonna be the future Mrs. John Mayer!!!!

>>By mikaella88   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 09:27)

I think that he is amazing! i would love to meet him and just get to know him. He seems like such a great guy. But if he turned out to be a guy who used girls for sex i would have no prob with that

>>By Alicia   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 03:19)

John Mayer is maybe the greatest singer and guitarist I've ever seen. Not only is he cute but also very talented. His concert was amazing, hope he stays a while.

>>By Amber   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 16:11)

Hi John i wish yhat you can met me in Fresno i live by the fresno fair
i want to met you pretty soon okay Im going to turn Seventeen on Febuary the first I love you so much i cant wait to see you in Fresno
i wish i was your age so we can go to dances in fresno and i wish
That we can be together as boyfriend and i hope that we can be
Friends or together. but i hope that like each other My sister Adrianna
likes your song your bodys a wonderland I hope we can be together.
But i like your songs there the best and forever when i grow up i been wanting to be with a sing name John Mayer Iove you so mush an i think your sexy! an awome voice please dont for get this my love but i dont want my boyfriend to be with me because he is bad he almost went to jail for the knife in.His pocket i want you very much John Mayer please dont say no.

>>By Amanda Vasquez   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 05:40)

You can register to win tickets to an intimate show with JM in NYC coming up in March! All you have to do is pre-order Any Given Thursday ( and you'll be automatically entered! Enjoy and best of luck to all of you.

>>By Sly   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 20:38)

I started listening to John Mayer this year after my sister went to his concert at the University of Rhode Island no so long ago. I fell in love with his songs after I heard '83. It reminded me so much of my brother. My brother was 5 in the year 1983, and he always wanted a red cape. This song always brings back memories of my brother, and I treasure that.

>>By Ali-anne   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 05:49)

HAHAH, well I am reading your guys posts..and laughing, as usual. SO anyways, I met John Mayer this summer in Denver, when I attended a concert. It was awesome. If you guys want some good sites for John info..go to that site has alot of up to date stuff..Peace out,


>>By Caitlyn   (Sunday, 9 Feb 2003 01:45)

John Mayer~you are so dang hott!...maybe one day you can come play a song for me! (if you get cool enuf ;-D) i hope you do good in everything you do and I will be praying for you. God will show you the roads to take in life just follow him! love jessie v

>>By jess   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 04:37)

Well, I'm not a young teenage girl John, but your music has inspired me to write've got it man !! Keep it up.......

>>By Writerguy2000   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 05:12)

I've seen John in concert 3 times, 2 of them i was in the first 4 rows. He puts on an amazing show. The first show i went to about a year and a half ago i actually got to meet him and have my picture taken with him. He's such an amazing songwriter and singer!!!!

>>By Melissa   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 22:36)


>>By john Mayer lover   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 04:30)

I love his songs! Especally this one:
I want to run through the halls of my high school,
I want to scream at the top of my lungs,
I just founf out theres no thing as a real world

I just want to say his music is amasing and 'Your bodys a wounderland' reminds my boyfired/fiance of us.
Stay strong everyone! God bless!

>>By SingingAngel   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 06:11)

John is so cute when he performs, you can see how hard he is concentrating when you look at his face while hes on stage, he is so adorable. i love him more than anybody ever could or will ever know

>>By luvnjohn4eva   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 18:27)

I'm just curios to find out how old John is. Me and my sister couldn't tell. He looks young but talks like he's had a few experiences in life lol.

>>By ana ~ the ~ great   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 22:49)

i just saw u on tv there o my god u are fab,ur song " your bodys a wonderland " is brill i'M trying to get the words off the internet now.i cant believe he is only 16.
bye sarah jane

>>By sarah jane   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 23:04)

hey johnny,
we love you with all our are really talented and also a cutie....your concerts have all been great....we have traveled all around the country to see you!!....we love your music....keep at is are greatest wish that you would come to our high school....but more about that have a huge fan club here in wisconsin...hope to see you soon....luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By stacy and emily   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 21:32)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Mayer es muy guapo y trabajador.....yo quiero como el con queso.....YOU BODY IS A WONDERLAND I WANT TO DISCOVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from your hot sexy lover....................................yah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By sara   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 21:36)

yo, i really dig mayer's "your body is a wonderland" acoustic version... and as for the majority of these posts, well, pathetic. seriously though, some of you simply sound ridiculous... i am sure john scours these posts looking for the one woman who signs her post " from your hot sexy lover......................yah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". yep, you love his music as much as he loves you. nope.

>>By L double e   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 12:08)

Omg I just am in love with John Mayer . He is such a sexy man.I which i could met him some how. I wish he could sing to me ur body is a wonder land.

>>By daneebabe143   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 22:14)

Man, I'm watching the new DVD, "Any Given Thursday" and I have to say, DAMN! He is just SO sexy! His lips are like, BAM! I would do anything (well, almost) to meet him. He's so funny and incredibly gifted and,

>>By Hannah   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 01:09)

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