Jim Morrison


Cancel my perscription to the predilection. Send my prudentials to the house of dimension. Ive got some FEINDS outside!

>>By Bopsy Cool   (Friday, 24 Jan 2003 19:35)

Jim morrison was not just an american poet that wrote the best music ever... he was also the god of having fun. He never lived a dull moment in his later life while he was with the doors. Either he was drunk or trippin off of drugs. Thats a true Rock Star!

>>By Smitty   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 18:03)

i think jim morrison was truly a great person, and poet. i have learned to say what is on my mind. and never to be run over again.. thanks jim

>>By DaZee   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 18:03)

jim morrison should be known for his musical talent and his poetry.
thats it! Thats all he ever wanted to be known for,not because he was into acid or boos.so what he could party, just listen to the music.

>>By mr. mojo risin   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 19:53)

jim was fuckin awsome i wish he had never died and were alive to this day you people should read ''NEW BORN AWAKENING'' it's fuckin awsome!!!

>>By sean   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 00:02)

is every body in, is evey body in,is every body in the seremony is about to begin

>>By steve   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 00:07)

Jim Morrison was a follower of mine from 1965 until his disappearance in 1971. I spoke to him on several occassions while he still lived in Los Angeles as he would consult me frequently on scriptures. He was deeply spiritual and a dedicated student. His rock star persona which he gloriously projected in the late 1960s serously damaged his spirit which was operating at a high level when I first met him. I believe he wished to explore the deeper meaning of the subconcious throughout his waking life, he never achieved this and this led to his solitiude in the early 70s.

>>By Semieter Crowley   (Thursday, 29 May 2003 19:19)

Black clouded leather demon
Rider on the storm
We will meet again
Maby next life time

>>By Jay.lsd   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 08:53)

jim morrison once said that he was the lizard king he could do anything and he was right

>>By amber   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 04:34)


Jim was the ultimate hedonist and one of the many[various] manifestations of Pan(it was thanks to Nietzsche that he became a God[of intoxication]in his own right)...Like Dionysus he knew that had to die young in order to truly keep his spirit alive...I'd say he had Huxleyian intellect,Crowleyian thought and Blakeian insight...In the End it wasn't acid that made him Break on thru to the otherside but alcohol(the drug sacred to Dionysus or Bacchus)and heroin,the modern-version of DeQuincey's sacred Opium! He drowned himself in a vast ocean of dreams:via euphoria and mental detachment...When his hero Kerouac died (and more importantly CASSADY...the man that lived 'beat' who was the real Dean Moriarty in On the road,a character whom Morrison became in every way! ) Jim knew his time was nearly up...
Jim studied everything from Baudelaire to Burroughs Nietzsche to Norman O.Brown Crowd psychology to Greek tragedy...He now realised that (as in the Tao and Zen)that books and written knowledge wasn't necessarily the key: the 'way' was thru oblivion! (Wasn't it Blake who wrote: 'The path of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom' ? and He was right !(He got there in the End!)....He was also a real Shaman and unfortunately one of the best and the last...in fact,no one has achieved the status of Rock-God since,and never will ! May the everlasting Spirit of James Douglas Morrison(one of the world's greatest poets) live forever ! What will be the latest manifestation of Dionysus? mmm have to wait and see..maybe it will be you?...THE SPIRIT OF JIM WILL NEVER PERISH....Love is the Law..Love Under Will !

Peace,Blessings and Respect to everyone of you ! LVX

~ Frator O.(H.S)

>>By Hermes Sativa   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 17:50)

Jim morrison,his words and music together with aldous huxley's brave new world,changed my life forever and for the good......thankyou jim.....i hope dionysus welcomed you with the love of a god for a prophet. Enough of the heavy stuff.....anyone wants to discuss jim,the doors or the doors of perception poetry or music in general....contact me...we'll have fun!

>>By sheeva   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 14:01)

"I wanna be, I wanna be Jim Morrison."
Yet another clue for the invisible world.

What are the bands I am naming?
Rose and Tulips.


Old pilots.

>Sorry about taking up Jim's space...

>>By Tchock   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 18:18)

any info on jim and his death please, i'm doing a report on him so any info, rumours or facts will be greatley received @ george_w_lean@yahoo.co.uk

thanx for your time and effort in helping me with this

>>By shadeee04   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 15:22)

Hermes Sativa....you GOTTA contact me man....I cant fid you anyplace

>>By sheeva   (Friday, 29 Oct 2004 12:17)

It's the 3rd of July again... For at least a week I've been really moody and listened to The Doors mostly. The music really still lives on and gives the chill and excites you and throws you from a mood to another.

I went to visit Jim's grave a few days ago - what an experience. The cemetery was vast and silent except for Jim's, where two cops were keeping the order and the tourists taking the pictures. Anyway the walk and the silent moment there in middle of the hot hectic city were the high points of my trip to Paris.

>>By man9   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 10:16)

ive been there too man9 ,its an amazing place is jim's hair still painted blue on his headstone?

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 11:59)

No head anymore... Nowadays, it looks like this, much more simple:

>>By man9   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 12:32)

oh ill have a look ,it used to be his head and shoulders, and there were many people from around the world paying homage,amazing atmosphere and beautiful cemetry.

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 13:50)

it looks completely different now. are there still a lot of graffiti messages?

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 13:52)

Not that many graffitis even... Had a fence around it now. There was a few other people who looked like they had heard of Morrison before but not that much anything else - just some flowers on the grave people had propably thrown over the fence.

>>By man9   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 15:46)

when I was there there were people sitting around for ages, like a vigil, and loads of messages for jim.

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 3 Jul 2006 23:15)

It makes me sad that people decided to write on his grave. I've been there lots of times, and it comes across as such a peaceful place, which probably isn't what Jim would have wanted, but I think he may finally need some peace. His entire life was a rebellion, and it'd be nice for him to finally rest. I can see why people do it, but I can also see why they shouldn't. Which is why, the last time I was there, I left him flowers. I refuse to ruin something or someone so great.

>>By Wednesday   (Tuesday, 4 Jul 2006 21:47)

I couldn't agree more wednesday.He was an amazing entity.

>>By scarletnikki   (Thursday, 6 Jul 2006 21:41)

i love the doors i think jim is still dead

>>By jupitermadcat   (Saturday, 12 Aug 2006 19:30)

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