I like the song Will you be my girl...its the first!!

>>By Jane   (Saturday, 20 Dec 2003 04:33)

Oh yes, Jet is good. MMMMMMMM!!

>>By Jolie   (Friday, 26 Dec 2003 02:51)

jet are am imprint of before bands, dont get me wrong, i like em, but no new territory has been established

>>By as usual   (Monday, 13 Dec 2004 20:56)

i love their new song "look what you've done"...amazing song

>>By odnanref   (Monday, 13 Dec 2004 22:16)

I was just checking out the cd, and I did not relize they sang so many awesome songs, I would just hear the songs on the radio and I did not know who they were by, but I was checking out the cd, and i was like no f*cking way, I did not know they sing that, its cool!

>>By jfredricks   (Wednesday, 15 Dec 2004 22:46)

i agree wholeheartedly with 'as usual'!!!the are hardly groundbreaking.a band that will surely be forgotten about in the next 10 years. i'm still waiting for something to bring about a musical revolution a la the beatles!!

jet are pretty unoriginal.thats not to say i don't like their songs.of course they are catchy tunes and wotnot.juyst no longevity.

plus they are fairly crap live...well they were when i heard them.

>>By pinksoir   (Thursday, 16 Dec 2004 03:58)

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