Jennifer Lopez


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Sorry, but this girl is a shame lol!!!
And I am really impressed that so many people just don't see trough her game of "all i want to do is be popular" trying to be someone else that she is : "a white/cool/popular/diva" ..
She is just so fake and pathetic.. guys I really don't know how you can't see it.. or well, maybe it's impressign you this kind of "nothing"

(oh and for those who can't find anything else then jalousy to not like " Miss cool L.Jo" lol - I am a model myself + who really enjoy to look at beautifull women.. tell me about Penelope Cruz,Carre Otis or Liv Taylor - but L.JO .. nope lol!

>>By Alexia74   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 06:47)

DIDO is the most prettiest woman on earth!!!

>>By Chromez   (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2003 17:21)

BOOTY! Isn't it what this is all about?

>>By thom   (Friday, 17 Oct 2003 16:01)

i have her unavailable video mix & her dancing on "In LIving Color" was so hard-hitting & I've been waiting for her to repeat that energy in her solo career & she lightly did it in the music video "If U Had My Love" but she really let go "I'm Glad"--it reminded me of that energy Janet had in her video "Pleasure Principle". And I love her live performance on the International Awards---excellent introduction among other good live performances. To say she's an artist, well to a degree she is, but more of a production package of a performer is more like it.

>>By star   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 18:47)

Wow, so many haters, so many lovers. So im gonna do a little of both.
I hate the fact that p. diddy got a piece, and i sure would love to stick my thumb right up her butt!! Lol dave chappelle is a really funny guy.

Well i dont care for her music, but i sure do love watching the videos. J-lo, Beyonce and the jackass crew are the only reasons i ever watch mtv, you wouldnt catch me dead watching mtv if it didnt have anything to do with those three. I just had to come here and discuss how incredibly fine she is i dont care if she i fake or not, i likes what i see. Heh so many jealous fat chicks hating on j-lo, just get over it, you will never be that hot and that is not necessarily a bad thing. All you people who thinks she isnt hot, just go ask any guy and 99 out of 100 would give up thier right arm to spend one night with this goddess. J-LO MAKES ME HAPPY IN PANTS!!

>>By Deltron   (Monday, 20 Oct 2003 16:53)

I can't stand J-lo. She changes men more than her underwear

>>By suchalady1   (Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 10:04)

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