Jedi Mind Tricks


Nice to see that im the only fan!

Truely underground!

>>By Phil   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 13:21)

Im with you homie Jedi Mind Tricks got some of the illest shit out there. Some good music here that hasent been blinded by the whole music industry as it stands today. FUCK POP!

>>By Yay Area Raider Nation   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 15:16)

Visions of Gandhi is a sickass cd.

>>By hXc bill   (Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003 01:48)

Er. . . Is that a good thing?

>>By Wraith of Luna   (Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003 02:40)

Visions of Ghandi kicks ass.

>>By Jelly Stomper   (Thursday, 18 Mar 2004 01:54)

eem...what exactly are we talking about here...never heard of such a band before....fill me in please...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 21:23)

They're underground rappers.

>>By Jelly Stomper   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 21:35)

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