Jean Michel Jarre


Jean Michel is a very good artist. His first album "Oxygene" is the best!!!!!

>>By Remik   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 08:31)

This men is the best musican elektronik i'av ever know

>>By najkan   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 16:05)

This man is really genius . I loved his music . He's a big man for me. I have almost his all albums and i'm really enjoyed listen to them. I would like to hear Jean-Michel in Poland in my city - Wejherowo. It would be very beautiful dream for me. I would like to see his concert in Giza .....
Greetings for every Jarre fans .......... OXYGENE Ever and Forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Damian   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 11:52)

What to say about a man who's music make me thank God for being alive?

>>By Artemis   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 02:38)

This man had awaken the devils in egypt since the millenium

Jammin   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 11:41)

Jarre is the best musician and composer of the Universe...
In a genius, is a God of the music...
Thank you Jean'Michel for you music!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By AERO   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 17:46)

I´m from Spain. I´m a fan of Jarre. I´m a member of the web dedicated to this genius, in Spain. You are invited to visit the web when you want. It´s very funny.
Í like to know that there are fans of Jean Michel Jarre by the world.

>>By David19   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 00:27)

the boy is very good to his music but the point is that his music can tuch the human
heart and mind.I hope jean michel keep on the good work and sometime i hope to
play music with him

>>By GREEK VOICE   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 18:10)

ZOOLOOK was interesting.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 18:23)

Jean Michel Jarre doesn't have a great relationship with his father Maurice Jarre. That's why
we'll never see a collaboration with them on any recording. Maurice spent five years in Holly
wood, away from his wife and Jean Michel.

>>By Fantomas   (Tuesday, 6 Feb 2007 08:27)

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