James Blunt


OK OK!! this guys new, and on hearing his first effort 'You're Beautiful' i wasnt too impressed but i gave it another listen and his lyrics are quite pleasing. i also found a song of his called 'Goodbye My Lover' Fucking amazing.....the lyrics in this song are genius. i'm sure the guy has been stalking me and has written about my current situation....im a singer/lyricist myself and the guy has written the words that i couldnt find....take a listen...if you don't get tearful you have no soul.....

>>By Da Blues   (Wednesday, 27 Jul 2005 19:07)

James Blunt is at the Unleashed Festival in Newquay tonight...but he also did a couple of songs (Beautiful and a U2 cover) on Jo Whiley's radio show this morning...

Listen again here...
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>>By B.A.B.E.S   (Friday, 5 Aug 2005 19:09)

i like james blunt

>>By hislop   (Wednesday, 17 Aug 2005 17:28)

james blunt is fucking desparate. how can you listen to that shit? look at him for fuck sake

>>By dan1   (Thursday, 18 Aug 2005 18:28)

in reply to Dan1......james blunt aint nothin special...i was just commenting on one of his songs.....which is awesome....its not my preferred genre but the guy deserves credit for 'Goodbye My Lover' a truly great song!!

>>By Da Blues   (Friday, 19 Aug 2005 16:30)

I agree with Da Blues. 'Goodbye my lover' and the song he wrote about the war in Kosovo are what make the album worth a listen. All in all its not a great album but those two songs really stand out!

>>By Plinian   (Friday, 19 Aug 2005 19:55)

James should be hit with a "blunt" instrument. he's awful, bring on the mallet!!!!

>>By jezber   (Monday, 13 Mar 2006 22:55)

i agree with dan1. what i am so confused about is how the majority of the world like this guy. he even cleaned up at the brit awards. his voice has no depth, his lyrics are cliched. "your beautiful" for example, is about perving on a hot girl on a train and then realising she has a boyfriend. she gets off the train and he accepts the fact they will never be together. how fucking deep. "I saw your face in a crowded place, and i dont know what to do....guess its time to face the truth, that ill never be with you." its shit. DaBlues i am talking to you.

>>By eadie   (Wednesday, 15 Mar 2006 04:20)

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