I think the album was great, though it seemed by the end of the disc that they were putting a lot of filler songs in there. Tracks 1 thru 6 were fantastic but it started falling from there. The only good song near the end was "Stella...". Overall a wonderful disc that can and has been inspiring.

>>By Nate   (Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002 06:40)

A fabulous album. I can't stop listening to it. I haven't done this kind of obsessive listening since junior high. The versions of songs previously recorded and making it to this album have been fine tuned to prefection. Roland rocks.

>>By Dr. Fez FUZZTOOTH ENTERPRISES   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 22:42)

What a mix between Smiths and Joy Division!!!.
A great album, the first song is amzing.

>>By Superchou   (Monday, 13 Jan 2003 10:13)

After first getting the album, I listened to it repeatedly for several days. Then a week or so later, I repeated the replay for several more days. Now a couple of months later I find myself still going back and relistening again and again. Although I have some faves, each track stands out nicely. I haven't had this sensation about a new album in over 10 years.

>>By nelbert   (Sunday, 19 Jan 2003 20:44)

I have just recently been getting back into "real" music, after years of listening to dance music, and I bought this album on a friend's recommendation and $8 price. It is beautiful, and I listen to it about twice a day. For the past four weeks. I like every song, "Obstacle 2", "The New", and "Leif Erikson" are fantastic tracks.

>>By Ken   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 02:30)

This album fuckin rocks. I cant stop listening to it.Great rythym guitars along with slamming bass playing. A must buy!

>>By JD   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 02:28)

I love this album!! It takes me back to the Slowdive days with the washed out guitars. Everyone seems to compare them to Joy Division. I can see the similarities, but I also feel some sense of Talking Heads in the vocals as well. Great album!!!!

>>By Al   (Friday, 11 Apr 2003 15:47)

letting it go and taking it all back in the matter 1 alblum.these guys lead you out and meet you somewhere near the end.awesome.everysound compliments the next.a solid alblum indeed.much needed.

>>By steve   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 03:05)

Amazing, I am not the only one who finds this album completely addictive, I have not had a fixation like this in years,

I discovered Interpol a few months ago whe an friend played PDA at a party, I liked it from the first listen but then did not do much to follow through, later he invited me to an Interpol concert, I was hooked, I imediately picked up the CD and it has been playing ever since. This album has so many hooks that it is hard to tell which songe is the best.

thanks Interpol.

>>By Ari   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 13:43)

Feels so good

>>By Natty   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 04:39)

the most refreshing unpretenscious rock music of the year. i can actually listen to this music on a daily basis and not be board to death. especially since rock is dead and the dj rules.
cheers from chicago,
mr, o

>>By ottesen   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 06:47)

on a friend's recommendation I purchased "turn on the bright lights"...on first listen a couple of the tunes stuck out for obvious reasons (i.e. the pop tempo in the beginning of Say Hello to the Angels), but I hadn't thought much more of it. However, like most comments posted here, the real joy has been returning to this CD again and again and discovering the subtleties or something that you'd missed before. To me that's the best kind of music to buy....your always getting or discovering something new in something you've had for a period of time. As they say, they will suprise you sometimes, they'll come around...more often than not.

moving stuff.

>>By Mark   (Friday, 23 May 2003 07:03)

This album is great, it's the best album I have bought since the "Doves" Last Broadcast. I think you could compare Interpol to many different groups. One comparison that I did not see anyone mention here would be Sonic Youth. There are a couple songs on this album that certainly have a resemblance to Sonic Youth, mainly the sound. Interpol is original at the same time. If I had to rate this album 1 through 5 I would give it a 4.5. It is nearly perfect!

>>By Jeff   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 09:26)

i like the song a time to be small, it is great

>>By hi   (Sunday, 8 Jun 2003 02:02)

i've seen them live twice and have to say they're absolutely amazing. i am trying to hunt down the EP so if anyone knows of a lead, i'd surely appreciate it.

imagine, driving in a blizzard at night, very nearly the only car on the freeway with "Leif Erikson" playing over and over. Interpol was definitely the calm of THAT storm that got this white knuckled driver home safe and sound.

>>By the Baroness   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 22:25)

The CD is fantastic ! Who cares if they sound a bit like the Smiths and Joy Division , those bands rocked and so does Interpol .

>>By Trailratt007   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 02:27)

All respect to the obvious comparisons.....and a bit like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Wolfgang Press, some riffs like Pixies..can we consider how many others have unsuccessfully monkeyed Joy Division in the past? (not so now, it seems....this is a respectful point of reference) A slight of old Sisters idealism, as well. With all due respect, David Byrne in the calm moments, to contrast the Ian Curtis in more detached moments. Overall, most lovely.

>>By Lilyvillain   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 06:38)

This album was actually recommended to me by Amazon, otherwise I might not have heard of them for a while (they aren't really mainstream, are they?) My favorite songs on the album are Untitled, Say Hello..., and Obstacle I. Does anyone happen to know of an official website for this band?

>>By mazzy   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 23:35)

Mr Carlos D, man!

Sound Soul-Power ! thank you.Pda?... very good! but the UNTITLED...POWERFULL!!!!

THANK U VERY MUCH! I hope seen you here in Portugal.

>>By Inkognito Lisbon-Portugal   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 11:10)

Oh Jesus, and like the Southern Death Cult...most obvious comparison forgotten....I make these observations out of sheer admiration for the then and the most gorgeous now. Cheers, men.

>>By Lilyvillain   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 06:22)

I think they are wicked and can't wait to see them at Reading on The August Bank holiday weekend, for those who don't know you can still buy Weekend tickets for the already sold out Reading Festival, exclusively via the Orange WAP ticketline service.

1000 weekend tickets are currently on sale and will be sold on a first come first-served basis. All you need to do is go to the channel guide on the Orange WAP homepage and select Music and follow instructions to purchase your tickets.

Also another useful service they have is that you can text either “Reading Fest” or “Leeds Fest” to 247, and you’ll receive up to the minute news, backstage gossip and alerts before your favourite artists take to the stage.

>>By The Renegade Master   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 15:14)

A great album, a bit of a let down live,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no one's perfect.

Even if I adore a band, there is no sense in lying and saying that they were great live.....

>>By Mr X   (Thursday, 31 Jul 2003 16:22)

...just saw them this past wednesday (oct. 15th) at was probably one of the best shows i've ever seen. the occasion opened first...they were pretty great, all druggy/psychedelia-like.


>>By dastardlyfritz   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 09:05)

I bought the record after reading about them in Magnet magazine. I liked it instantly but the hype they received by NME put me off a little. So I decided to simply like the band and ditch the bloody paper for good.And they all lived happily ever after...

>>By thom   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 16:55)

they're good!!! very good!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Sunday, 3 Oct 2004 12:37)

I bought "Antics" the very day it was out in stores...It's an amazing album, they are an AMAZING band...!!!

>>By CHARLOS   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 00:02)

I don't have the album, but love "Slow Hands"... I do plan on buying it though...

>>By Grazyl   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 01:49)

I had the urge of posting somthing since I am listening to "Turn On The Bright Lights" again.

I still don't get tired of this CD.

I recommend it for days of snow.

>>By CHARLOS   (Wednesday, 1 Dec 2004 04:26)

Best alternative album i´ve heard in years!!

>>By old man willow   (Thursday, 19 May 2005 14:18)

they are really good up to me.and this man's voice is so mhhh something that i can not descripe ,so familiar.i feel safe,i feel good,i feel high while listening 'the scale'.

>>By coconutMonkeygirl   (Sunday, 6 Jun 2010 03:12)

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