Insane Clown Posse


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I think the new album is amazing. My boyfriend and I are long-tern fans and when I heard it there were so many times when i had to catch my breath because it was so awesome. All you people that are pissed off now, think about it- they were trying to give you a message but they knew you wouldn't listen to it if they talked about God straight out so they added the "fucks" and the hatchets and shits so you would listen. I think the album is awesome...

>>By Laucu   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 23:50)

"Before the Wraith came out you were walkin around thinkin u knew everything about ICP but you missed the most importaint thing, God." I SO AGREE WITH YOU JUSTIN...that is nothing BUT the truth. I love ICP so fuckin much. Joe Bruce is my HERO!!!
email me sometime if ya'll like:

>>By Wicked Juggalette   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 00:27)

ICPs new cd is da fuckin bomb!!!! just like all the other jocker cards, it rocks. and all u non juggalos out there GO FUCK YOURSELF u never gettin into ~Shangri La~

>>By Riddle_Box   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 23:31)

I'm sure ICP is glad to see so many juggahoes pissed, they always knew this was coming. They knew some fuckers wouldn't accept this god shit. They don't give a fuck. The carnival will carry on. ICP gave hundreds of thousands of real juggaloes a way to gather together and rock. They aren't gonna dis one of their fans just cause they beleive in god or satan or buddha or whatever the fuck. All juggaloes are family, and every fuckin one of us is different. Weird, freaky, stupid, insane, or twiztid. The whole world needs to quit bitchin and fuckin calm down, you shoulda known they'd say some shit to twist your nuts eventually. Chug a faygo and shut the fuck up, you know you'll be at the next show.

flip mode

>>By flip mode   (Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002 10:05)

YO dog- Flip
you are so right yo. but i figure next year on november 5 the Wraith-Hells pit will come out, and say the exact opposite leaving the juggalo's thinking"what the fuck". I really don't know, i wish some of you fuckers would write back.

>>By JuggaloFaygo6   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 02:52)

well..i'v been do wif tha Clown fo bout a year...i kno it aint long but i LOVE em...most pple try to say im a poser cause i jus started listin to em but..u kno fuk them haters...i dont care wa pple say bout me...Im down wif tha cown fo life...And tha new album is tha SHIT..well peace out..clown love

>>By skatafreek   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 03:12)

What the fuck people? How can you even fucking shit all over the Wraith? I thought it was fucking beautiful. Shit. Big fucking deal that icp isnt fucking satanic. Not everyone is! Finally understand what all the Joker cards are all about...Did anyone else go to the juggalo's shit this summer? shit. i went for all three days..never had a better time in my life! Well whatever. I know i'm down with the clown!

>>By KillerJuggalette   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 03:42)

All you motherfuckers that didn't get the message a long time ago need to walk your retarded asses out into the street and shoot yourselves!! ICP has always followed God and has always dissed those who beat their wives and shit like that! ICP are the greatest and always will be, I'll be laughing my ass of when I see all you haters burning in hell!! What about "Let's Go All The Way" or "Halls of Illusions", "Pass Me By" , "Nothing's Left" or "Echo Side" if you were a real Juggalo or Juggalette you would have seen these songs and knew what they were talking about, nothing but a bunch of fucking idiots you haters are!! To all my homies, all my Juggalos and Juggalettes, MY FAMILY! We will all be together forever and I will see you all on the Echo Side! I love you! And it just doesn't matter what all the haters and non believers say or think, we are who we are, and together we over power the rest!! You all laugh because we are different but we all laugh because you are all the same!!
real e-mail address if you care to e-mail me is :

>>By KillAllClownHaters024   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 05:19)

What was Violent J talking about when he said: "I love Batman but Robin's a faggot?"

Also, do any of you know those Juggalettes in the concert video? You know whom I'm talking about, too! : )

>>By Chuckie Cheddar   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 21:01)

the new joker's card is spiritual...i have been listenin to these guys for about 6 years now and i love all of their one does it like the clown....i own almost every cd they have, their movie. i have seen them in concert and i saw the big screen release of Big Money Hustlas..."it was the shit mutha facko"....ICP FOREVER!!!! As for this final card, it has spoken a true message....i think it is great that unlike most bands have a final message for their listeners that has been in the making for more than 10 years now...a final note...for thos of you who are going to dis ICP now, you were never real juggaloes.....

>>By g whitey   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 23:17)

ICP is the best band ever made. I could listen to them evry day and never turn it of, but turn it up. I found out about them from my big bro and all his friends they listen to them as well. My fave song would have to be Lets Go All The Way, Boogie Woogie Wu, and The Nedan Game. They should get downloads for the internet so others can listen to this band. LOve ICP, Amanda

>>By   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 01:35)

ICP's message in their newest jokers card is solid. Most of us had already figured it out but just needed confirmation from them. At no point did I ever think ICP were satanists. They've got their own communication level for the world. Most of us grasp it, some of us will let it float away like a good dream. They've got it right, and I agree with Violent J. "We did not fuck up.", "Either your with us, or forget us. Because we stand behind every fucking lyric on that record.".

Everybody that turns their nose up at ICP at this point, let'm leave. If they wanna walk, let them walk. Don't criticize, just leave and let everyone that's been following them for this long live in the light of Shangri-La.

>>By CodiFX   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 23:39)

icp has always put it down. the 6th rules. from one jam to the next /from one card to the next/from one juggalo fan/ to death

>>By juggalofan1992   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 13:11)

I think ICP is the fuckin shit I love them. My friends like them too. I will always be down, until i'm dead in tyhe ground.

>>By sexyjuggalette in Tn   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 20:39)

The Insane Clown Posse is the greatist band in the entire world. They are the shit! And dead bodys kick ass too. And if any of u feminem love,in mother fuckers have a problem with that than you can kiss my ass.
P.S. forever i'm a juggalo.

pice and i'm out

>>By riddel b0x 2024   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 03:06)

These guys are the shit! Iv been down with icp for a long time and I
think that all the Juggalos should kill slim shady!!

>>By R Juggalo   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 16:57)

Man I have been a I.C.P. fan for 4 year's and I think these guy's are
f***ing awsome, and that there the best group ever. I think I.C.P. are
very funny! I meen like the sh*t they come up with is so got damb funny.
If I would ever see them I would want to kick it with them and smoke
a blunt with them, and talk about stupied sh*t. Man I.C.P. you guy kick
a** so keep up the good work!


>>By R Juggalo   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 20:12)

The Wraith is the best one so far...Everyone of u idiots that turned on icp cuz they came back with the GOD thing u guys are messed up... So don't be talking shit about things u don't even know what's going on...i bet if u start to listen to all the Cds and listen hard u can hear how they snuck they wicked god stuff in... It took me a while to figure it out too...So Don't H8 on ICP cuz u don't nothing about it

>>By Dark JuGGalo 2003   (Friday, 22 Nov 2002 23:51)

Anyone who's agrees's with me that has AIM IM me on MrSillyRabbit08 or E-mail me at!

>>By Dark JuGGalo 2003   (Friday, 22 Nov 2002 23:53)

Dude, I LOVE ICP in general but i can't claim to be a juggalette ya know im not that down with 'em, but if yall HATERS are dissin them b/c they finally came out and said it strait that they believe in God, thas fuckin retarded. First of all, ya'll either some complete fuckin idiots or really didn't listen to thier lyrics all along so you're not really down, i mean come on, Alice Cooper was on there! Yall shoulda figured that shyt out when he was talkin about HIS belief in God. And NEwayz even if you don't agree with thier beliefs, it dont matter if your still down with thier sound you should STILL have clown love cuz ya don't sit there and not listen to other bands bc they're not your religion, dayum. Yall just mad cuz you didn't figure that shyt out on yer own. ICP iz tha fuckin shyt and they got MAJOR balls to try and bring new ideas on God to the masses who had only fuckin pricks pushing that shyt on us and we told them fuckers to go fuck themselves with they bible-thumpin asses. Jay and Shaggy, yall are collectively THA FUCKIN SHYT!!! and yall haters? i think if anything yall should have MORE respect for them motha fuckers after that shyt, risking all thier record sales and all the other shyt to try and help out some freaks and take us all into Shangri La wit 'em!

ICP is and will allways be THA fuckin' SHYT!!!
much clown luv

>>By Nikole   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 05:12)

I agree with every single juggalo and juggalette who said the new Jokers Card is the shit. I think the Wraith is the best one yet. I have only been lisening to ICP for about three years now. I remember the First time i heard them. My friend was over and both Forgotten Fresh Vol. 1 & 2. We where lisening to Willy Bubba. From that moment on i was hooked. ICP is the best thing every. I will be down with the clown till i'm dead ground. and for all you fakes who are dissing ICP saying they suck just because you learned the truth, the real message behind the jokers cards can fuck off just because it hurts you to think the message all along has been God. To all my True Juggalos and Juggalettes out there Clown love

>>By Dead Juggalo   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 15:46)

like everyone else is sayin, icp is the shit and always will be and the fuckin people who don't like it can fuck off. For real, this is the only band that has brought this much love to there fans, they always keep up with there shit, I love icp, imma be down imma be down, down with the clown till im dead in the ground!

>>By twiztidbitch   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 20:46)

I think ICP is the fuckin shit and I love my fellow juggalos and juggalettes like if they were my brothers and sisters I believe in a couple of years everyone will start pumpin ICP in their cars in every fuckin hood cuz where I live there are no fuckin juggalos iam surprised I heard of ICP but iam glad I did and I love it I got 3 words Keep It Wicked

>>By Casper   (Sunday, 24 Nov 2002 00:59)

Nuttin' but clown luv from this magic ninja! A high swingin hatchet from me to all the Psychopathic family members, and A great big fuckin Faygo shower to all my fellow Juggalos & Juggalettes!! The Wraith is an incredible album, probably some of the best lyrics and rymes dropped in the past 3 years, not that i'm trashing The Amazing Jeckel Brothers or Bizzar/Bizaar?!?! Most bands U see today and tomorrow don't really give a fuck about their fans, and just care about makin' the skrilla like that richie bitch Feminem. But take a good look at J and Shaggz, both are broke (sorry guys) but still gotz madd luv for their Dark Carnival Juggalos. Thats true music to ME. Soo from this circus Juggalo and I know from many more all over the world; -THANK$- ICP, and props to the whole hatchet family for the years of insparation U gave us all. "When the world falls apart and we all parish, I'll see all U tru Juggalos in Shangri-La", with a fat blunt that never burnz away!! ???REMEMBER??? "Juggalo is not just a name its a lifestyle"!!!!

>>By p5ych0pa7h1c n1nja -n- South Dakota   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 11:13)

tha only reason icp waited this long to tell yall tha message is about god is so they could get money from tha other cds b/c if yall knew it was gunna turn out this way i can GARENTEE yall wouldnt be listenin right now, but it cool they tyte and fucken hella smart

>>By 420   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 22:55)

Hey Yo it's me DarK Juggalo i came to say my wicked shit so read it good and read it quick....Milenko Wratih Jeckel Riddle Carnage Ringmaster are u reading it quick well read it faster u see my rhyme is going good ICP straight up from the hood so back up step back ICP is Wicked and Back...Move Slim and all them others cuz they aint got nothing on icp wicked and Dark the way to be Juggalo style all they way u don't like icp your obvisouly gay ! That's the end of my rhyme I'm all out of tyme Juggalo Family 2003

Down with the clow for life

Dark Juggalo 2003

>>By Dark JuGGalo 2003   (Wednesday, 27 Nov 2002 06:00)

hey insane clown posse are the fuckin coolest man you know what i meen really do sun you know that mars is up there bouncen cause of dis shit you know what i mean insane clown posse bitches i dont meen that in a bad way because us brown people like to hear this shit to sun man dust pomis me one dage k dust dont stop makin youe shit ........ peac out my brothers and sistas

>>By brownfreak57   (Thursday, 28 Nov 2002 05:01)

the insaine clown posse is the shit.there new CD the wrath of shangri--La is the shit

>>By becky   (Friday, 29 Nov 2002 18:10)

Word icp fans i've been down with the clown since crnival of carnage and in every album they kick ass!!!!
They are the best around!!!!

Well im out c-ya luv all-a-ya'll juggalo's and juggalette's!!! :)

>>By JuggaletteK-T   (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002 16:49)

I think that the clowns are insane as well as cool but this whole posse thing is just out of control

>>By Stink fist 40   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 04:04)

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