Hypocrisy kicks fucking ass. They've been there all threw the crap ass shit that has came and went

May Death Metal Forever Rain...........

>>By metalhead_cr   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 08:17)

hypocrisy are the best band of death metal of the world hail hypocrisy

>>By arcturus   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 14:59)

hypocrisy is best swedish fucking shit

just hear the song "reincarnation" in their album " the 4th dimension"

>>By Corn-Holio   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 20:01)

They own us all

>>By GutturalTexage   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 00:25)

fuckin amazing but hard to find their records

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 19:30)

i have one of their records into the abyss it rules

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 17:33)

that has fucken belew my head off

>>By the haunted   (Saturday, 21 Oct 2006 02:43)

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