Do somebody knows all the covers that Tooverphonic has made.

>>By Zernak   (Friday, 17 Jan 2003 16:53)

does anyone know if hooverphonic's gonna visit east europe?

>>By human_interest   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 22:07)

Subtle , refined and sophistycated the Hooverphonic music can be called as " celestial " or something like that .
Alex , the song-writer and gutarist is really talentous , especially on songs like " Jackie Cane ". The best songs of the album " The magnificent tree " are surely " Out of sight " and " Mad about you " that show Geike's angelical voice , and have a wonderful orchestra .The rest of the songs , are , like these 2 , original , smart , but calmer and
quite psychedelic . I noticed Geike' s old-fashionated charm and beauty . She has slender, frail but intense and powerful vocal chords , that's why she ' s particular. An excellent album I think.

>>By Aryhaanne   (Tuesday, 3 Jun 2003 14:20)

I just bought their album The Magnificent Tree and i want to tell you that is sublime !
Realy enjoying it, good Trip hop, Less dark than Portishead. Just my 2 cents

>>By Pat999   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 23:22)

I've found hooverphonic last year and since then I relax listening to their songs. I like to put it on my discman and walk, specially when the day is sunny. It´s magical. You see other people and it seems that they´re moving slowly, like in a videoclip. I would like to know if some movie put their music in the soundtrack.

>>By Raq   (Sunday, 27 Jul 2003 20:09)

I think that Hooverphonic is totally diferent of Portishead. You don´t have those experimentalisms you see in the guitars of Portishead. It´s soft. It whispers. By the way, I don´t know if hooverphonic has gone to East Europe, Human Interest, but sometimes It makes me really sad because you there have so many possibilities of seing bands like these, and here in Brazil, we don´t see anything.

>>By Raq   (Sunday, 27 Jul 2003 20:21)

"Sit Down & Listen to" by Hooverphonic
Released 10/2003.

Has anyone heard Hooverphonic's new cd? You can hear song samples at their website.
If you listened to the actual cd, is the cd worth buying?
email me at ivycds@yahoo.com

>>By Ikee   (Saturday, 8 Nov 2003 01:42)

I think their best album was their first one - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.....and Geike is not the one singing on that album. Inhaler (on this album) was the first song I ever heard from Hooverphonic and I was hooked instantly. Geike is a close second to the original but the voices do differ in sound and singing styles. I am still a huge Hooverphonic fan regardless. Can anyone tell me if they plan to vist the US at all? I would love to see them.

>>By A-me   (Tuesday, 28 Dec 2004 21:40)

why don't you try their site?

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 29 Dec 2004 00:16)

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