greatest band in the hole freakin world!

>>By babydoll   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 14:44)


>>By celebrity_skin   (Wednesday, 15 Jan 2003 10:53)

the kick ass!

>>By prettypunkgrrrl   (Friday, 24 Jan 2003 22:43)

hole sucks donkey ass. yes, Live Through This is one of the greatest cd's of the 90's. i am so glad Curt wrote it.

>>By gypsy   (Monday, 10 Mar 2003 19:29)

Hole is angsty, however is a little light on the musical side of music. They should change the dynamics of the different parts of the sound. Otherwise okay. I personally love the lyrics, but they could learn a little from the Cranberries. Whatever though.
Advice for the day: don't smoke pot - it's too nice and it'll take up your money. So you can't go to a quality college, when you otherwise would. And give a fuck.

>>By rudegirl   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 03:34)

hole rock in my opinion the best female led band in the world courtney deservs
much more credit than she gets hopefully she makes more brilliant music
courtney rocks
hole rocks
forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By david   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2003 01:44)

DUDE! HOLE FUCKIN ROCKS!!! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH! i know courtney love doesnt have the BEST voice but its interesting and really fun to listen to.
gypsy you suck!! hole is the best!! but i agree, live through this IS the best album of the 90s...no doubting that!

>>By olivia   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 19:29)

live thru this is d greatest album ever!!dont diss courtney,how wud u like ur only love to topp himself??

>>By your_name_here15   (Tuesday, 2 Dec 2003 21:16)

I liked Hole when Kurt wrote and produced everything. that other album was a disappointment...

>>By Sexibeast   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 11:07)

ive made my bed i'll die in it!!
ok celebrity skin is a fucking deadly album!!in my opinion Pretty On The Inside is just as good as Live Through This and did Kurt write that???no everyone is trying to blame someone for Kurts death and Courtney would be the obvious target but thats no reason2 have a tainted opinion of her music,holes music.

>>By your_name_here15   (Saturday, 6 Dec 2003 13:40)

i can't believe no body has posted on here in ages!!!
so i'm starting a come back for Hole.
Has anyone got the new Courtney Love album??? I love Hole so much and don't want to go buy the Courtney album if its going to taint my view on Hole as a fantastic band.

>>By GothChick   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 20:31)

hooray! i have the new courtney love album and its not as bad as everybody says it is! i actually quite liked it :) hole rules more though :) live through this is a beautiful album!!

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 23:03)

ya cuz kurt cobain wrote all of it....referring to 'live through this'

>>By odnanref   (Wednesday, 9 Jun 2004 16:09)

cool, i'll go and get it then.
I'm glad this page is up and going again!!!!

>>By GothChick   (Wednesday, 9 Jun 2004 21:30)

yeah did anybody see hole's mtv unplugged set thing? it was really good!

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Wednesday, 9 Jun 2004 22:03)

no i haven't. when was that on???


>>By GothChick   (Saturday, 12 Jun 2004 00:39)

oh there was a rerun of it on mtv2 a few days ago :)

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Saturday, 12 Jun 2004 20:18)

i can't believe i missed it!
I bet it will be on again though.

whats everyones favourite hole song?


>>By GothChick   (Friday, 18 Jun 2004 20:29)

they're insane, i love them!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Thursday, 15 Dec 2005 07:40)

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