Hilary Duff


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you guys r sooo mean. you guys r bein kinda crude considerin hilary's only 16. i think she rocks, and i dont care what anybody says. u can tell me otherwise but i wont be listening. lol!

>>By normanbatesdaughter   (Sunday, 8 Aug 2004 04:02)

iunno... if shes a great singer but i have to admit i rlly dont mind the "come clean" song... she is definately a better actor than singer but all the power to her if she wants to take advantage of the spotlight while she still has it! She is definately pretty and who rlly cares if she "used" her sister to get to the top, shes the famous one in the family now and hasent forgotten her sister... prime example the "our lips are sealed" video. Im not a huge fan either but also not the type of person that would badmouth someone i dont know or will never know on a discussion board... but to each his own!

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Monday, 9 Aug 2004 04:40)

I agree. Yeah she is a better actress than singer, but shes still cool.

>>By illstopprocrastinating...tomorro   (Sunday, 5 Sep 2004 23:41)

Considering that i believe she is bad actress, I can only agree............

>>By Campking   (Monday, 6 Sep 2004 01:26)

ahahaha,a good one,Campking!
well,i am not really into her music or movies...i don't find her a very good actress though.and about the music...uhm...yeah,it's horrible in my opinion.but hey,before you start attacking me,it's only a matter of musical taste here,i don't have anything against the girl,cause i don't know absolutely anything about her.but,gee,she looks really...i don't know the words in english,but she's kinda too sugary,poppy,bubbly,whatever...

>>By Eli_Molko   (Monday, 6 Sep 2004 19:10)

Well I really like her music, not HER so much but her music IS pretty cool...
I loooove the way she acts, I think that she should just stick to being an actress.

>>By Mizz Sweetie   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 13:07)

I love her music, but in realy life she's just plain annoying. She acts so fake.

>>By Dog_loving_girl   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 23:05)

Despite a superficial hotness, she really makes me feel like she would smell like some kind of cheese. If I had to guess, Id say she has some kind of VD that discharges.

>>By Hume Ungus   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 00:22)

I don't really care for Hilary Duff, I think she needs to find her voice. I mean she tried singing the poppy Britney Spears stuff, switched to a little more Avril Lavigne "punk", then went to a sweet little lulaby with Fly, we need to put this girl in a genre, fast. If you can't find your voice who's going to want to listen to you? That's pretty much the struggle with all bands/singers but I think she has genre switching down pact. I also don't think she can sing very well, her voice is very computer altered. She's aweful in concert, I had to attend on acount of a younger sibling, remind me to shot that one please. =D


>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 01:30)

She is not my favorite but i like her. I love all singers mostly. I dont care if she swicthes her msuic type...its what she wants to do/ . People say she sucks but she has been around for a while right? Ifs he fades she does. And she is dating Joel but opposites attract. I think she is cute and seems sweet to me,but maybe a litt spoiled, btu she works hard so who cares. I recpect anyone who follows there dreams and she is a good girl. I like that.

>>By RoxyAnne1623   (Saturday, 13 Nov 2004 08:44)

Anyone of 16 who has been around "for a while" must either have some sort of sickness that keeps them 16 for some years or must have had some wealthy parents and good A&R people to plug him/her. Especially one so untalented as miss H. Dull..................

>>By Campking   (Monday, 15 Nov 2004 01:27)

she is dating Joel but opposites attract

I don' think they are so opposite. They both are in "bands" that to me are pretty fake and obsolete. And only made it for the moneymakers who have controled the music business for at least the last decade.
When you wanna hear true music, you have to go underground because these people won't offer it to you.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Monday, 15 Nov 2004 12:21)

ey you guys...can somebody of you tell who hilary duff is??

>>By poserschwein   (Monday, 15 Nov 2004 18:32)

I think Hilary is a great singer, but a terrible actress, it drives me INSAINE to watch the Lizzie Maguire show because she acts soooo stupid! But I REALLY love her new song, Fly. It's freaking awesome!

>>By Dog_loving_girl   (Thursday, 18 Nov 2004 03:53)

I use to not mind Hilary Duff...but as time goes on I hate her more. yesterday while making a cd for health, I see that Hilary Duff has covered ' wonderful christmas time ' by Paul McCartney. WHAT IS THAT?! it really pisses me off because Paul McCartney is Brilliant/

>>By Jane   (Monday, 6 Dec 2004 04:58)

hillary duff is horrible!!! ah she makes me want to kill myself, and also kill her! she cant act! she cant sing! and shes so fucking fake its not funny. "like omg my favorite colors pink but i like to wear black" I CANT BELEIVE SHE WOULD SAY THAT...how dumb can one person be...ugh she pisses me off! the fact that she thinks shes a rock star makes me so mad!

>>By RaNcId_StAr   (Wednesday, 8 Dec 2004 20:34)

She played a concert in my city last night, i was reading the reveiw and the last song she sang was my generation!!! and the worst part of all she changed the words around instead of saying ' I hope I die before I get old ' she said ' I hope I dont die before I get old ' it like changes the meaning of the whole song! WTF!!

>>By Jane   (Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005 00:17)

I think that's so funny that one little american girl tries to be so rock'n roll and wears black clothes and black nail polish and then sings a song about butterflies and rainbows and fuckin teddy bears... she's got a pretty face, nothing else.

>>By Catri   (Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005 11:16)

Hillary Duff more than anything, she is an immature!! She cant sing or act and frankly speaking she is not that pretty. To me she is just a dumb blond. I prefer Linsday Lohan, at least she can act and a hottie-except for the freckles!!

>>By A4Asha   (Tuesday, 3 Oct 2006 07:33)

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