Heaven 17


You can find a good biography at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven_17.
I like their albums "How Men Are" and "Pleasure One" most. My favorite song is "And that's no Lie" (from "How Men Are").

>>By edash   (Friday, 20 Jun 2008 13:28)

Hmm, my favourite album is Penthouse & Pavement. The second album has it's moments but the rest of their work is crap.

>>By XS41   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2008 23:52)

This proves the Roman saying: de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est. I won't turn my back on Penthouse & Pavement, but I have come to appreciate the more lyrical work of their later albums.
But I can understand what you're saying - I've had the same feeling with other bands (Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet, Thompson Twins) - their early work is good, but afterwards they turned very commercial.

>>By edash   (Friday, 28 Nov 2008 22:17)

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