absolutelly amazing stunning

>>By phoebe   (Friday, 8 Nov 2002 15:43)

do you like hooversonic?
more closer the distance from goldfrapp is, artists' styles are more closer?
I find music like goldfrapp style..
ambient music without any symphthy..

>>By koln   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 18:10)

Good. I like it. I think they're opening strange doors I've never seen before.

>>By cootch   (Friday, 27 Dec 2002 23:46)

It's a real trip to our own dreams.

>>By Cronox   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 05:23)

I heard them live in Manchester about two years ago, and ever since I've been waiting impatiently for the next album, 'cause that was simply fantastic. Watching her sing the songs live is an unbelievable experience, and only then did I realise how much of the 'music' she actually sings. What an amazing voice! Ennio Morricone meets portishead meets Björk - can't beat that!

>>By Trine   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 21:54)

I am a small time musician and composer. I can honestly say that this band make music that I would love be able to create in my dreams. The voice, the arrangements, the feeling. All so beautiful. I just got turned on to this band in the last couple of weeks but it did not take long for the music to infect the playlist in my head.

>>By alex   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 01:11)

liquid thoughts of the deluded ego is it not a insight it is a evolving source

>>By skyle,   (Thursday, 29 May 2003 12:19)

I am a china girl five dolla cheap cheap, you want naughtie boom boom speak to me

>>By Gigi   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 15:06)

you suck but your momma's sweet

>>By Crepe Creme   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 15:10)

I hounestly think that the style of music they are trying to create reeks of post modern, less is more, mies van der rohe, utter pretensiousness. Due to a lack of musical talent they use image and PR to make up for that. Do you take them seriously? well... i dont!

Even though i must confess i have only heard a smart part of one song.

>>By mank   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 15:14)

Dear mister mank.
I have read your outrages statements, but i have to disagree. Obviuosly you have no friends and even less musical knowledge. I am the bastard son of a very prominent musician, maybe you have heard of him. Mister George Micheael. Due to the blood in my genes i obviously must have some musical knowledge. By the way, my dads not gay!


>>By hond   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 15:19)

Hey - all you Goldfrapp fans,

make sure to check out their video debut of "Train" on MTV2 during the Subteranean Show (UK Edition) @ 1:00 am Friday night / Sat. Morning. Definitely check this one out!!


>>By morgan wolf   (Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003 03:07)

That's THIS Friday night / Sat. Morning @ 1:00 am on MTV2.. (July 11th/12th) -- don't miss it!

>>By morgan wolf   (Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003 03:09)

Trine, I couldn't agree more. I've seen Goldfrapp live twice, the last time in Bristol in May and their music and that voice should be available intraveneously on the NHS. I loved Felt Mountain and Black Cherry is the wolf's knackers. I leave the last word to my nephew who told me he liked Felt Mountain so much he wanted to have the CD buried with him when he died. He was 6 years old at the time!

>>By Rob   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 23:03)

haha, bastard son of George Micheael - sure your are...
but it you doesnt mean that you know everything about music. my dad plays the bag pipes, but i know crap all about playin music.

and how can mank base those comments just hearing "a smart part of one song". thats just dumb!

goldfrapp rocks!

>>By blue_vanilla   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 05:57)

Mr Mank, as a man who is often overly critical of the musical tastes of others I feel I may be on dodgy ground here but I am moved to say that your dismisal of goldfrapp as being all style and no content suggests to me you couldnt have been listen properly. Perhaps next time you should try either not listening to it on your cheap assed tinny stereo (one attached to two subs is good) or alternativley you could try pulling your head out or your rectum...

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2004 14:44)

Goldfrapp's 'Felt Mountain' could possibly be my favourite album ever. I bought 'Black Cherry' and liked it because I also like electro and dance music and if they felt like changing then that's good. I found 'Black Cherry' an OK album, and so I'm a bit skeptical about Supernature. 'Ooh La La' is a great dance track but if the album is like Black Cherry then I think it'll be alright (and I am definately going to buy it!) but not anything to fuss over. 'Felt Mountain' will always be my favourite, and in my opinion their best (so far).

>>By moth_fuzz   (Monday, 3 Oct 2005 01:27)

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