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Does anyone have the playlist for George Acosta - Eevolution (2CD)?
Thank you!

>>By Ciolpan   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 15:39)

George Acosta is the most incrediable Dj ever.... i listen to his music 24/7... people always tell me im in a tranceworld... which i am i think.... i love this music it puts me ina great mood... my boyfriend thinks i should become a Dj which in the future i hpe 2 b some day.... thanx later :)

>>By jackie   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 01:59)

George Acosta is my fav Dj! His music speaks to me...i think every song conveys a message. He is probly one of the top Djs in america! I listen to his music all the time....( most of my friends dont get my music but for me it makes me happy and lifts to a state of joy ) im lookin forward to more releases from him. If anyone can drop me a line to give me some more djs to listen to please do so ...I also like ATB, Taucher, and Talla 2XLC.

>>By Mcgee   (Saturday, 11 Jan 2003 00:33)

I really love george acosta's music, i just recently got into him but already have some great memories from his music!

>>By boogerboo11   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 18:57)

When I first bought George Acosta's Cd entitled Awake at the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach, California spring of 2000 I really did not know what to expect. While sitting at my office desk I played his music on my cd player. As the sound traveled through the wires and through my earphones into my ears.... It hit me. This sound I was hearing was what most raves here in California were missing. Until that day arrives where George Acosta plays in CALI. I will continue to bless the ears of my fellow peeps with the uplifting sounds of George Acosta an artist deeply needed on the west coast. Peace Out still bumpin the beats nomuratasi 2003.

>>By nomuratasi   (Thursday, 16 Jan 2003 23:41)

Hey I'm new to Miami and have been loving Acosta since the first time I heard him........! His music grabs me like it does all his other faithful and I feel lucky to know how good he is! All this love and never even seem him live.....SOMEONE write me and tell me when he's gonna be at

See ya there........

>>By Big Country   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 08:21)

Well, this is guy is a great dj i love every track of his and he does very well.

>>By Sefk   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 15:21)

The new cd is pretty bad. The double cd gives us a lot of new tracks. Same hard acosta shit. Acosta lover will enjoy!! Can't wait to see him in GAinesville now!!!!!!

>>By Kevo   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 23:01)

Yeah!, Acosta is my favorite Dj, cause of him and other great Dj's I love this music, I've been lucky to see'im live twice already at Glow in Washington DC, u can check his mixes, pictures,, or even see his videos at, when he comes it's WILD!, no doubt, oh!, 1 more thing pleeease vote for him as #1 Dj at, he should be #1!


>>By Sergio   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 01:50)

Ok listen up guys if any of you have been to Spin lately to see Acosta you will have surely heard a song that i have been looking for for weeks. The chorsu is a girl saying..."sounds like morning, it sounded like morning, in your arms i can reach for the sounded like morning,,,or something to that effect... does anyone know the name of that song? thanks

>>By angel   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 19:25)

ok got it silent heart ....

>>By angel   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 19:55)

To all of you that know , Geogre Acosta is deffinately a god, he recentally came to the town I live in , but I couldnt go to see him which made me very upset. I saw him at Ameba about a year ago and right as he came on he sounded soo amazing, but the party got shut down so he was only on for about 10 minutes. But to say george Acosta you are a god and keep releasing your album's there absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!

>>By Kristina   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 16:12)

Living in Miami, I am lucky enough to experience the sessions that George Acosta brings to us almost every Saturday night at Club Spin! This past Saturday was his CD release party and I must say that this must have been the best party Miami had that night! Not only is he a great DJ who can satisfy the crowd with his music, but he interacts and shows his fans he's feeling the music as well. The energy that is reflected on that dance floor is unimaginable and mind-blowing! Really looking forward to listening to his set at Ultra 5 !

>>By Erika   (Wednesday, 5 Feb 2003 21:25)

i've seen GA live three times now and am looking forward to it again at Ultra 5. Last time I saw him in Gainesville a few months back, he was absolutely amazing. Next Level was a great CD, typical Acosta energy and melodic journeys for the mind soul and spirit. I am definitely going to check out Touched soon! Late

>>By Jeff   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 04:06)

well george is the best dj i ever heard in my lfe and he has a unique style that gives the party a flavour of explotion.he has made a great progress in the last 2 years and there is noone to stop him now,i hope to hear him again,my friends in colombia tell me that he is going to bogota and they are very exited to go,because they know that the party is gona be off the huck and they"re gona get tostaed.
peace out.

juanca from boston

>>By juanca   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 18:17)

This is the first time i have typed to a discussion board but since it involves someone important to me I want to take an opportunity to share my opinion. Back in '99 when the only trance I really knew about was form the X-Ray and Hypnotic labels I was going through Direct TV to the music channel which I discovered one of GA,s AWAKE Which I immediately loved for it had the elements I love such as atmosphere, melody, and somewhat uptempo but still very energetic ( I listen to Hardcore 200bpm ). A year later I actually found his CD and immediately bought it along with everything else I could get my hands on. Today he is by far my favorite DJ and is my inspiration for wanting to be a DJ. I loved P.M. but was dissappointed to see all of the bad reviews of this mix. Yes it is made for what underground fanatics hate but also some said the mix made no sense and I strongly dissagree because if you use your imagination that is if you have one and are not so narrow minded then you can listen and use it your own way but you are also entitled your opinion and I will give you that. I have also heard bad reviews of TOUCHED and again I disagree even though I can understand because of some of the things I have noticed but did not let bother me because I was open to any way he mixed and did not expect the greatest. TOUCHED is a good mix you just have to be open to different approaches. These are also my opinions which I am entitled and sorry if this is too long for some of you but GA is worth it. i look forward to everything this man does because he has great talent and is doing what he loves and I highly respect that. He is happy and he is also successful in life which makes him untouchable to the critics. I have never seen him live but I have actually heard a live 2 hour mix and it was by far my favorite out of everything I have heard from him so in closing this is for GEORGE ACOSTA..never stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By leper   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 02:14)

im from miami and was living in miami when george was at shadow lounge and the mix after hour club was still open. for all you miami pookieheads you know what a great time that was in the late 90's. now let me tell you david padilla (the mix after hours dj) has disappeared in the dj industry but he was just as good or better than george acosta. without him in the picture today george acosta has taken sole possesion of the best dj in miami and has taken the rest of the nation and world by storm. He has blown past paul oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke and talla. I would like to see a friendly battle of dj's between david padilla and george acosta but im sure noone can cough up the money for that one. i havent listened to the touched cd but i dont have to to know that its bad ass. i currently oredered it online since its not out here in san juan puerto rico to my knowlede. id like to know what everyone out there is rating this cd?

>>By stevo   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 18:42)

George Acosta is the man responsible for turning me into a Dj.
His style of trance is one of the best. Every new CD he releases is like a new chapter of a mystical journey through the inner most cortex of your mind. I love how he has a dark side to him too. His audiance (weather be live or not) is like a stormy ocean, and Acosta is mearly controling the Tide. I can't wait to see him again.

>>By D_Realm   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 20:08)

im lucky enogh to work at Insomnia night club In DC,were we get George once a month!! he is by far the most amazing DJ out there right now, and I honesty belive he is one of trance's godfathers.

>>By Bertrex   (Thursday, 27 Feb 2003 18:31)

I travel all over the country and sometimes I have a downtime, I end up in Winston/Salem N.C.Im just tooling around and I notice an employee at a local record store racking up new cds on the shelf. I help myself to one, and woe and behold Its George Acostas Touched. I exlaime very loudly "NO WAY". The employee looks at me and say's whats the big deal. I convince him to open up the cd to sample it, and I give him the earphones and tell him to tie his audioable seatbelt on and enjoy. Two tracks into the cd he takes them of and looks at me and say's no way. I truly enjoy G.A. His style is hypnotic in the happy sense, the music lends itself to a passive sureal mood,truly a masterpieace as only Goerge Acosta cuold bring it.See you all at the Ultra Music Fest in Miami.

>>By Octavio   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 04:17)

I live in south Florida and have been listening to George Acosta for close to 4 years I've seen him countless times live at Level and at the previous two Ultra's, along with a set at Global Gathering this year that was the best set I had heard from a Dj PERIOD !! In my opinion I feel that George Acosta is by far the best trance has to offer. With maybe a tie with Tiesto's live performances.So if you like real rave music meet me at Ultra listening to G.A.PLUR

>>By Zach Dawg   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 19:44)

Ok im have been listening george a for the last 5 years and its the best of the elite believe im in toronto everytime he spin at the goverment in toronto i enjoy soo much this guy spin like a pro he smokes soo long oakenfold ,van dyk,piccoto all of them the new cd touched soo good this cd rocks i had too many experience in breaks going to level and shadow lounge in the past years vote # 1 for G A in the list djlist pls ok cyaaaa

>>By luis de avila alias boty   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 06:41)


He is mind blowin.......record after record....track after track, he lays down the freshest and most narly beats on the scene! I got a chance to see him spin in was epic, Kimball Collins opened up for George.....what a great show. George acosta will be setting the tempo for years too come! Get the touched cd....the second cd (the dark side) will definitly take your mind somewhere else........Keep it bumpin George!!!!

>>By ACOSTA NATION!   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 00:31)

He's the shiiittttttttttttttttttttt!

>>By Jdog   (Sunday, 9 Mar 2003 01:07)

Hi George:
You are so great man, i love your music, i can't sleep or driving or working without hearing it...Ohh God...Thanks a bunch.
i wish 4 U the best and a Bright future more than ever.
keep it warm all the time man like a Ferrari, the best of the rest N# 1 all the time..o.k..


>>By Ferrari-01   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 07:15)

Im only 13 years old but I am crazy for that Trance Feeling. The feeling you get when the big tunes hit you. And all you want to do is rave. I love George Acosta's Music. It makes me want to get up and Dance. All because of George all I want to do is make my own Trance music and to be on stage performing with the master of trance. Thanx George.
Oh and Acosta Nation, The guy that said to get the touched, I have that CD. And He is right. It wil Take your mind somewhere else. Especially #1,2,3,5,6,and 12. If any of you all people have hears the AM #13, It is a badass remix of it.
San Antonio,TX
Probably your youngest fan out there, Aaron

>>By ExTaCy   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 23:45)

man all you people are nuts thinking that this piece of shit dj is tha bomb his fucking trance music is so fake its like the britney spears from the trance world , you want good muzik listen to dave seaman,nick warren or harry romero

>>By thecolombianconexion   (Monday, 12 May 2003 09:41)

Hey ya'll.
I need help up here in Atlanta. In '98 or '99 I heard the Roam remix by Acosta and Ariel Baund/Carrousel at Fluid in Orlando. I have searched high and low for this track online, offline, everywhere. If any of ya'll know where I can get this disc at, please, please let me know. Hit me up at Thanks and peace, Anya

>>By AnyaTika   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 17:56)

How gay is that, "Miami Trance Cowboy". GA is a flamin trance dj that hasn't put together an innovative mix in his life. Its a shame in today's age that any old clown can become a half ass star like him. You peopel jsut don't know.

>>By Trance Cowboy   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 18:43)



>>By tranceaddict   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 00:11)

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