Free 1968-1973 British Blues Band...........extremely talented 'kids' had a huge hit in 1970 with 'All right Now' Paul Kossoff, guitarist, died at the age of 25 in March 1976 due to drug related illness. Andy Fraser, Bass player from Free apparently has HIV......Band split...singer and drummer Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke formed Bad Company in 1974, and enjoyed a huge American Paul Rodgers is touring with Queen as Freddie Mercury's replacement....anyone out there know, remember and love Free......please Flork me or add to this discussion board....


Lloydy x

>>By Da Blues   (Sunday, 2 Oct 2005 15:38)

I expected to find Lloyd has posted on this board hah. yes, the great gentleman above me got me listening to free, and you know what? they rock. thats it! such sweet blues tunes. i thank lloyd and free..and anyone else who rocks!

>>By Jane   (Wednesday, 1 Mar 2006 04:32)

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