Four Tet


People, hear Four tet. They're great and deserve your attention. They performed live with Tobin somewhere in France recently.

>>By Koto   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 16:57)

i just came back from the four tet concert at bowery ballroom. there were some great moments; he's clearly a really talented musician. at times the show was really dissonant and distortion heavy, which was sometimes hard to take, and i wish he had referenced more material off dialogue and some of his older work (though i love rounds). all in all, pretty great show.

has anyone been able to get their hands on the live @ copenhagen CD? they were all sold out at my concert. if you're going to one of his upcoming shows, and want to snag a copy, show up early at the merch table; and maybe grab one for me too ;)

>>By magiker5   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 06:45)

recently i discovered this amazing artist, i advise you to listen all stuff from 4 tet...

>>By Sasa   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 19:29)

There are very few people who use electronics to make proper music and Kieran Hebden is among the best of them

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 14 Sep 2004 23:14)

he is a true artist with fun music
-references to cultures' melody and instruments
-blending of types and intruments is seamless and original
-crafted with intellectual qualities
-inspiring creativity

>>By el_verdad   (Saturday, 11 Dec 2004 06:10)

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