Foo Fighters


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hey luiz_prt do u speak spanish?

>>By 009   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 04:27)

the foo are the daddies man!!! what a f****n band, they are wicked!!

>>By chappers   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 12:10)

Is it just me, or does their new single "low as you go" or whatever it's called sound A LOT like something Queens of the Stone Age would do? Whatever, I love 'em both.

>>By skye   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 19:28)

Slane rocked the casbah.Big up Foos!I broke my crutch for Queens of the Stone Age though,bit of a ball breaker.But the Foos and Chilis healed my troubled soul

>>By Lube   (Wednesday, 3 Sep 2003 21:26)

Hmm, is it just me or are the majority of Foos fans girls?
Anyway, they're a great band - their music is easy listening, although their last album sucked - the music had no life and was gritty somehow...not Foo Fighters at all.
As a kind of music critic, I would say that the third album is their best - all the songs are superb, with great multi-tracking and clean sounding guitar.
Has anyone noticed that their lyrics make little or no sense?
Oh, and the 2nd album (colour and the shape) is really quirky and diverse - a really odd one (but still good).

>>By Will.C   (Wednesday, 22 Oct 2003 20:27)

they are amazing!
The best band after Placebo(only my opinion of course)

>>By Eli_Molko   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 01:40)

I really like Nirvana. Wait, this is Foo Fighters. Shit, they might as well be the same band. The songs sound exaclty the same.

>>By Metal Immortal Returns   (Monday, 27 Oct 2003 01:53)

No they're not . You're blinkered if you think that. This band can make music and it rocks. However thankyou Kurt Cobain for Dave Grohl. This is one band that will last. Stable in their relationships and their music they have the withall to reach their

>>By hiflydi   (Friday, 20 Feb 2004 22:25)

they dont sound like nirvana!!! hiflydi you are right!! kurt cobain made dave grohl famous even though, with time he probably would be able to do that himself......anyway yeah foo fighters are one of the best bands on the planet!!

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Saturday, 21 Feb 2004 11:04)

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>>By mystic_beans   (Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004 17:13)

hey mystic_beans, you did this on the Nirvana site too, and all you did was change the site name. anyway, i checked it out, andi can't figure out how to get anywhere. all that's there is the eyes and stuff. wutevurrrrr...

>>By guitargirl   (Friday, 17 Sep 2004 02:33)

Balogna... I love the Foo Fighters... As it contains my All-Time Favorite Artist... Dave Grohl... Ingenious Instrumentalist...

>>By Grazyl   (Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004 03:26)

Dave Grohl practically wrote and played everything on the Foo's first album, didn't he?

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004 03:29)

i think so, yeah....
the man's just gifted!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004 08:09)

Yeah... He did... He played all the Instruments... Just as a few others have...

Dave Grohl... Is just... Genious... He should be given many many awards for that...

>>By Grazyl   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 03:02)

Stevie Wonder plays all instruments on his albums I think. And he's blind!

>>By spikee   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 03:25)

And cool...

>>By Grazyl   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 02:24)

lol @ ther guy that said Foos sound like Nirvana, pleb.

>>By endless_nameless   (Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006 15:05)

I reckon everlong and the pretender are their top songs =D great band love the video clips aswel haha

>>By MyArmouredChrysalis   (Friday, 7 May 2010 02:54)

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