Flower Kings


i'd like to know which is the flower kings's best album (i have listened only to space revolver and unfold the future)
  (Monday, 2 Dec 2002 19:35)

After listening to UTF, my most favourite FK album is still Space Revolver -- it has all the positive energy, beautiful melody, and thrilling instrumental parts. Having said that, UTF is a great album, too. The problem of 2 CD album is that it is slightly more difficult to concentrate on the structure as you have to change CDs in the middle ;-)
For the people who love more synphonic style, I recommend Stardust We Are. Scanning the Greenhouse is a well designed CD for the newbies.

>>By K   (Monday, 16 Dec 2002 19:28)

The best FK CD is probably more a question of mood than anything. All in all though, I'd have to say my favorite is Stardust We Are, which contains some of the band's most powerful material, without the let-downs that often invade 2-CD sets. The "forgotten" Back in the World of Adventures is also a must for any FK fan, as is Flower Power. As for Retropolis, this is an outstanding disc if your in the mood for a more symphonic sound. What I find most interesting about the FKs is that each disc has a feel that is completely different from the others, which is remarkable considering the fact that only 8 years have elapsed from the release of the first to the current disc. The only FK CD that I have trouble getting into is the Rainmaker.

>>By Andy   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 18:45)

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