Five Iron Frenzy



>>By justing2004   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 15:25)


>>By KemuriSka   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 23:37)

FIF are breaking up!

>>By skankingemokid   (Monday, 30 Dec 2002 23:41)

fif are so awesome i love them all there songs have the ccolest beats to them and they rock my sox

>>By i love fif   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 17:14)

it's a tragedy to see them go...but if GOD is calling them to do different things, than they are doing the right thing.   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 16:36)

true true.

>>By hotrod   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 16:37)

Yah, thats true. But we will miss them so much and throw many tantrums.

>>By Christina   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 23:51)

they r the best band in the world and i love all there show God Bless them SKA SKA SKA

>>By mexican   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 04:05)

five iron frenzy is the best ska band ever put together, i think.

>>By sk8 punk kid   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 01:35)

Why can't they come to IDAHO for the farewell tour!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

>>By Reedo5000   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 06:15)

Good thing I live in Denver! HAHA...oh wait, crap i don't. I live in Canada...and their not even coming to Canada! Crap, i'm screwed! ROAD TRIP FOR ME

>>By 5iF   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 05:49)

i just got their new album, The End is near,and its amazing!

>>By Heavens11   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 01:31)

i heard they are breaking up bc they ask the pope every year if what they are doing is okay and if its okay to keep playing..and every year the pope has said yes but this year he said no and that is why they are stopping, does any1 know if that is true?

>>By kitkat6737   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 17:45)

Hello -

This is Keith, formerly with the band Five Iron Frenzy. Most of you probably have already heard about this, but I want to tell you about a new band called “Roper.” This band features FIF’s singer (and my best friend) Reese Roper. They are recording a new CD and going on tour this fall. You should check it out, because I think you would like it. You can visit the web page at and hear new music and sign up to stay informed thorough the wonder of email.

That’s all, thanks for reading.


>>By Keith Frenzy   (Monday, 23 Aug 2004 17:02)

I just want to say, I really don't want them to break up. Please don't. pretty please with a cherry on top, and sprinkles and whipped cream, and walnut bits and hot fudge. Please!

>>By B.Collie2   (Sunday, 15 Apr 2007 07:04)

FIF I misssssss you. FIF put on the most entertaining shows, and it was wonderful when they played with Officer Negative in Pomona some day in the past, great crowd that was. Haven't looked into other collaborations they've been getting into, I switched into goth rock somehow. Anyway, I really loved driving down to San Diego just to see an FIF performance. Very uplifting music. Blue Comb was wonderful to sing with so many fans.

>>By MagentaStraberry   (Monday, 21 May 2007 17:44)

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