Fischerspooner is the most brilliant, most truth-full cutting realization of what music is capable of: pure heaven on earth's stage!

>>By briphi   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 20:58)

absolutely mindblowingly orgasmic

>>By eos   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 21:15)

Chris Angell is stunning, a perceptual tour de force, revealing the essence of quality and experience through hyper-real manifestations, air-vibrations and down right lust.

>>By crihsagnlel   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 02:48)

Please please please i need concert in Spain

>>By [][][][][]   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 16:05)

they're the greatest thing since that last thing i saw!!!

>>By random name   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 16:26)

i often hear about what an amazing liveshow fischerspooner puts on.

but then, what's so innovative about them? how are they really any more interesting than i am spoonbender or adult?

honestly, i think they'd sell their souls for $4 each.

i will wait to see them live before i entirely pass judgement but i suspect they are just a resuscitated synthpop industry whoreband.

>>By joe morgan   (Friday, 9 May 2003 19:10)

what i love about them is the fact that they don't really like music that much, and only make it to have an excuse to make music videos (which is their main interest besides film). It's the exact opposite of about every other band in existance who whine and complain about making videos.

>>By Orridge   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 04:26)

N is for nihilism.

>>By .   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 08:07)

shut up

>>By Guyver7   (Sunday, 26 Oct 2003 05:35)

Fischerspooner are a load of fucked up motherfucking hoes.

>>By Drukq User   (Saturday, 29 May 2004 22:08)

Damn, a lot of haters on these boards. Personally 'Emerge' is one of my favorite electro songs. I love the beat to it.

>>By Geotrio   (Sunday, 25 Sep 2005 09:12)

I came across Fischerspoon purely out of Gnoosic's recomendations and figured it being one of the strangest bandnames I've heard, I may as well give it a try and I became instantly hooked.

I listened to this and though well, this could easily fit alongside New Order's 'Blue Monday' or Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn'. I've always liked the 80's synthetic pop era and if you do as well, you couldn't go wrong with giving this stuff a try.

>>By Neural Flux   (Monday, 5 Dec 2005 03:14)

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