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This is one of my favourite bands, I think they're like some of the other bands that are out there but also unique still in their own way. I love them. The only thing I don't like is that they'd becoming a fad band, which shouldn't be... Anyone else like em?

>>By xfadetobrightx   (Friday, 30 Jul 2004 21:05)

rad band.

>>By xx_timp_xx   (Wednesday, 1 Dec 2004 06:17)

whats up with this? only 2 people ? ya suck this is one of the best bands ....a weird noise

>>By heynotyoupunk   (Thursday, 23 Dec 2004 01:31)

i love fall out boy. they're freaking awesome. mhmm. im so cool. i saw them in concert twice. fUck yeah.

>>By xquietlyxdyingx   (Monday, 6 Jun 2005 22:51)

"Where is Your Boy" is my favorite song of their's ... I heard it on a mix CD that one of my friends had and I've been obesessing ever since. "Take This to Your Grave" is my favorite CD of their's. They're just awesome, hah. Loves.

>>By Wednesday   (Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 22:43)

i love fall out boy's new album( listening to it right now)! i saw them at warped tour, they rocked! if i was closer i soo would have surfed up to the stage!

>>By playfulhoneybee   (Monday, 5 Sep 2005 20:04)

I love Fall out boy! the Guitarist (peter) is so hot!!

>>By ya-im-cool   (Sunday, 18 Sep 2005 04:28)

This band is so awesome!

>>By pErFeCtLyBrOkN14   (Sunday, 18 Sep 2005 21:17)

Let me guess, all of you guys are MTV followers? Hah, sorry ... just making a general statement ... all of you seem to be talking about their new album ... listen to their old stuff if you want to hear real music. None of you MTV whores can compare with that.

>>By Wednesday   (Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 02:17)

^ Stop talking like "oh my gosh i'm a true fan" you said that everyone is talking about their new album... umm... ya like only 2 people have... and what's so bad about liking their new album?

>>By ya-im-cool   (Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 05:27)

Nothing's wrong with that at all ... but sometimes you just get sick of the people who don't know a thing. And for your information, I am a true fan. Besides, if I ever said "Oh my gosh" you could say exactly what you just did to me ... and I wouldn't talk ... your name is "ya-im-cool".

>>By Wednesday   (Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 22:36)

yep it is.. you're pretty good at reading! and i get sick of people who jump to conclusions and think that they are the only people that like their first album. Well i'm glad you're a true fan... that's nice to know.. i never said you weren't.

>>By ya-im-cool   (Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 23:36)

I don't think I'm their only fan ... I just get sick of these MTV whores who come on Flork and decided to talk about how awesome a band is just because they heard one song. I don't know how many of their songs you know, I don't care how many of their songs you know. And if I may say so, you definitely struck me as an MTV kind of girl ... just because of your "the Guitarist (peter) is so hot!!" comment. But my apologies to you because after reading your profile you listen to some pretty awesome bands. Have a nice day.

>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 00:33)

ya i get what you're saying! i probably strike most people as an mtv whore.. but whatever.. i get you cause it bugs me when people always talk about the used and they didn't even know that they had an old album.. so ya

>>By ya-im-cool   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 01:43)

Ah! I'm the same way with them too ... and My Chemical Romance, especially them ... I always went to their local shows in Jersey and here in New York because I'm so close. I have some of their demo disks with songs on them that they never even recorded. Ah well.

>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 01:54)

That's freakin awesome! ya.. the only cool thing i can say is that the used are from here!! haha

>>By ya-im-cool   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 02:01)

Hah, thats quite awesome as well ... I was only to one of their shows. I was at that $2 bill concert with them and My Chemical Romance awhile back.

>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 02:30)

Alright, so I'm making my rounds of favorite bands and had to stop here again ... so, the video for Dance, Dance came out awhile ago and I'm love with it. They also performed "Sugar We're Going Down" at VH1's Big in '05 Awards, awesomely of course.

And if you haven't read the December issue of Spin magazine, I suggest you go pick it up. They've got front cover with an article called "It's a Holiday in Suburbia".

>>By Wednesday   (Sunday, 18 Dec 2005 17:50)

I love these guys, but I never knew that they made somany albums, I only have the one with "Dance Dance" I'm goin to have to get the others.

>>By Silver_Wolf   (Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 05:02)

oh my god fall out boy are just soooo bad.

>>By scarletnikki   (Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 19:22)

adjf;kq3ewml;akwmdliamw!!! How can you say Fall Out Boy is bad!?!

P.S. to scarletnikki: Your profile picture right now is amazing.

>>By Wednesday   (Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 19:36)

NO, No, no!!!!!!!!

>>By thom   (Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 23:13)

In fact Fall Out Boy are indeed one of the most annoying bands around at the moment!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 1 May 2006 02:25)

thanks wednesday!! I agree sk8a they are too annoying for words............

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 1 May 2006 12:19)

Ah ... I just have to defend Fall Out Boy though! Their new album may be a little annoying, but I love their old stuff ... sorry.

>>By Wednesday   (Tuesday, 2 May 2006 00:57)

ok, ive only heard their new stuff!!

>>By scarletnikki   (Tuesday, 2 May 2006 10:25)

you know, I really don't care how good their old stuff is... A) the stuff that's popular is the new stuff and that's all a load of rubbish B) this popular stuff doesn't suggest that it'd be worthwhile listening to anything else of theirs... I mean, why the Hell would I actively make a point of listening to Fall Out Boy? I hate them! Just because it's better than the stuff I've already heard - even the most mediocre band is better than Fall Out Boy - I'd rather listen to Elvis... The same goes for anyone else who feels this way e.g. scarletnikki C) If their old material is so great, how come they don't put that on the radio and MTV eh? "the band never talks about (Evening Out With Your Girlfriend) like it doesnt exist" D) The point is that they're a crap band NOW - forget the future and forget the past coz obviously they've sold out and decided to stop making decent music, if they ever really did... E) if their old stuff is any good, they have no excuse to bring out such annoying new rubbish!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 6 May 2006 14:37)

which do you hate more sk8a h8a, fall out boy or him?

>>By scarletnikki   (Saturday, 6 May 2006 15:39)

!!!! I don't hate HIM! Don't be silly... *hates Fall Out Boy* Why'd you think I hate HIM?

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Sunday, 7 May 2006 16:40)

er.sorry just got that impression!!!!

>>By scarletnikki   (Sunday, 7 May 2006 19:13)

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