Never forget when I heard "God is DJ" I went out and bought up all the Faithless stuff I could find, one in a million band that manage to capture the emotionally intense highs as well as they capture the slow dreary sad side of things, weather you're a Pill head, smoker or just a piss head ya can't not like em! Ive listened to OutroSpective to many times now though so Comon guys time for another album!!!!! :o)

A Number One Fan

>>By Birkz   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 11:29)

I have been collecting music for over 30 years and since discovering
Faithless believe I have found the ultimate band.
They are so versitile in their musical range and the sheer volume of
remixes seems to make them the most remixed band that I have come across.
I have got everything I can find from Faithless (and considering they have only released 3 albums) this is quite extensive, I look forward to their new album considerabely.
There are a few good site about Faithless but to me Marco Bakker's site is the most comprehensive and Marko has helped me locate heaps of Faithless stuff I haven't been able to find here in Oz.

Can't get enough Faithless

Keep the Faith(less)


>>By piratepeteofoz   (Sunday, 16 May 2004 02:15)

And it's just gotten better since the last posting!!!
No Roots is one of their best albums (it has the killer tracks "Mass Destruction" on it)

>>By Sarcophilus   (Friday, 17 Feb 2006 12:39)

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