I think Esthero is an awsom singer. I read some of the learics to the songs that were not on the breath from another cd and they were awsom as well. Esthero should definitly come out with another album even if it has been a wyle caz I know if any one heared that girl sing dthey would probably be hooked from her awsom beat, voice, and lyrics. She is efinitly a great singer that should be heared by any one who enjoyes this great tast in music.

>>By Ryushi   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 01:00)

even though I have never heared this one I know if it is from Esthero it has got to be good.

>>By Ryushi   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 01:02)

Esthero's music definitly kicks ass.

>>By Nina Williams   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 01:02)

Esthero is a great singer with the perfect voice I highly precomend her for people with that club beat teleopop tast.

>>By Fizion   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 01:04)

I heard about her from someone on a message board. I downloaded about every song I could possibly find, and 2 days after listening to them all over and over and over I decided I had to buy the cd. She's amazing and deserves a lot more than having people just download her music. Words can't explain her amazing voice... it's just amazing.

>>By Digitally_ fazed   (Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 22:37)

I bought their CD right when it came out. Esthero/Jen is absolutely gorgeous, and her voice is just as beautiful. Since purchasing their first CD along with some singles, I had to buy it again cause I listened to my first disc way too much. I can't wait for their next album, I've been anticipating it for quite some time now.

>>By Indigo Boy   (Monday, 30 Dec 2002 10:01)

ya people know that esthero is the meaning of life for some people. The other day in the train yards i saw a peice by LAND.780 and it was dope, although beside the peice where usually there is an obserd comment like "i love ghetto girls" or "i pop crack like vitamin C", instead i saw "I love esthero" on the side and i was like whoa. Here is this person who, well has dope vocal talent and the other nine yards in production and she is being represented by kids with areosol cans. It just goes to show that even the hip-hop heads with twisted caps, backpacks, speech impediments and clothing brands, which nobody's grandma has ever heard of, can too enjoy the smooth languistic skills our canadian trip-hop/downtempo queen has to offer of the pawns of the train yards. I like esthero. i like her music so much i get mad for her ( and the group we must not forget the other dope people who make her music kick) when not enough people are making her pockets fat or if an uneducated columnist talks smack about the soon-to-be second female Prime Minister of Canada.

that's alll i gots to say about the esthero, buy their shit, it might not come out in quantity, but it sure rocks your headphones on the quality tip. Not once did i mention how beautiful esthero the singer is too, not that this has any pull in the talent department. Just a little observation. I wish more esthero's would populate the 204.


"We on the rise more then AIDS paitents" or "Moving or your weak production" TKO.204 01/19/03

>>By TKO.204   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 00:29)

he hit the nail on the head. ^^^^^
i want a new album. when is it coming out?

>>By i love that guy.   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 06:38)

Hi I love Esthero. She is SOOOOOOO UNIQUE. Her music is great. Ive been waiting patiently for the next album. I listened to Breath from Another until the cd got scratched then bought two more. I especially like the fact that shes from my home city T.O. I fully suport Canadian Music. Now I am awaiting the album impatiently!!!!! Hurry up Esthero PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


>>By Snicklefritz   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 02:02)

i'm a huge fan of esthero's, but because english isn't my mother-tongue (i'm from finland) i don't understand them, i mean, even if i understand the words, i might not understand the meanings etc on the deeper level, 'cause of the lack of my vocabulary and knowledge of different slangs and stuff...
i'd really love to know what are the stories behind ex. breath from another, heaven sent and that girl. they aren't just random words one after another! and i'd DIE to know what do they mean and what's the story.

could somedoy help?


- lorie,

>>By lorie   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 00:37)

my god :D ym brains worked faster than my fingers - in my first line i don't even tell WHAT i don't understand because i'm from finland :D

the lyrics.

so, still, anyone volounteering? please?

>>By lorie   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 00:40)

5 years after her debut release "Breath From Another", it is still on my TOP 5 favourite album of all time... Esthero, when is your new one coming out? Do you have any idea how desparate I am to buy your new album?

>>By cy   (Saturday, 14 Jun 2003 16:42)

Words can't describe how much I love Esthero. I first heard her on the Chris Rock Show. I couldn't believe the voice of this young White girl. Just unstoppable!! I immediately ran out and bought the CD. SHe moved me from 1 song.. Everytime I play it, it still sounds so fresh. I will never tire of hearing it. And I can't wait to hear more from her.. True talent is what she has. SHe's in a catagory by herself and there is not 1 young singer out today that can touch her.. TRUE TALENT in the industry today is missing. I can't wait till she gets the recognition she deserves.

I loved the sound/musical production of this record, "DOC", so much, that when I heard "RES" on the radio I immediately know this was the Esthero sound and went out a and bought her CD which is another awsome work of music. I like them both. I can't wait till the world opens there eyes' there style.

>>By CRYSTAL   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 06:28)

I heard a report from the Surgeon General that Esthero is officially more addictive than crack. I copped my first cd probably two years ago. I have been waiting for the next cd like a crack fiend waits for the dope man...impatiently.
I actually bought the 007 Nightfire videogame for the XBOX, just for the new Esthero track "Almost Civilized" (that is right, a new track is on the videogame). I check websites for any new musical soundbyte I can get. I soo want the new cd. When is it coming out???

>>By Mr. Pibb   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 06:59)

By the way Crystal, Res is another awesome, underrated performer. I have her as well! You have good taste.

>>By Mr. Pibb   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 07:02)

Hey Kids,

Word up! I found esthero through saul williams.

>>By Deadly_Sui   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 19:11)

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