hey i just have to say tht those guys are the best FOLK players in the world my fave song is impera its got this wonderful enterin to the music u guys ARE THE best

>>By hashkloby   (Sunday, 25 May 2003 06:10)

Enae Volare Mezzo is one of the best songs in the world - etherally dark and moody, but tear-renchingly beautiful and almost tragic sounding...

>>By Sidhe   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 07:16)

I wouldn't call them Folk.... more like Ahh i don't know, Folk just isn't them though, they are more Gospel or Choral, or something

I'm Suprised everyones Favorite isn't Ameno, its definitely their most popular (yes it is my favorite too hehe)

>>By Lexiticus   (Friday, 10 Oct 2003 06:36)

Why is Era so unknown in the USA? They must be big in Europe, but no one over here seems to have heard of them. I found their website (I'm referring to the French band with much choral chanting and a medieval flavor) but was unable to listen to their music because their Intro (a Gregorian Chant of sorts) was playing over everything. I would really like to hear more.

>>By Grimalkin   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 02:50)

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