I think that Edguy is the best artist in the wold

>>By DemonHunter   (Friday, 25 Oct 2002 20:09)

I like Edguy a lot but i hate when owhere in te web i cant find lirycs ot there albums if some one knows please tel me .. my E-mail i knb@edguy.nu .. tanx friends . I am waiting
U can find me in irc /server irc.bitex.bg:6667 chanel #uktc nick Stinky^

>>By Stinky   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 14:31)

Hey is there some one who knows ... enything else interesting ot eduy instead of this that is published in te official site .. aa ? I am a realy fan of Edguy ... nice to meet u! I am drom Bulgaria .. !! see ya

>>By EdGirlBG   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 14:34)

Are u realy from Bulgaria .. I am bulgarian too .. "Male kak se kefia 4e sum nameril .. fenka na Edguy ot Bulgaria . lele mn mi e iako .. hehe ai da si kajesh maila .. da moga .. ti drasna edno pisamce .. hehe .. ama samo da kaja 4e ako iskash da si govorim .. na English 4e . da moje i drugite deto 4etata . da im e interesno ako ne sikash nea shte si lafim na bulgarsi :>. hehe mi hubu ai dano go vidish tui skoro 44e da moje ... da si .. dadesh maila :>>" bye sorry every one who doesnt knows BUlgarian but i HAVE TO TELL HER SOMETHING PERSONAL :> :pP

>>By Stinky   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 14:37)

well sorry guys but I have to tell him some personal too .."ahamz az sum ot bulgaria .. heh mn se radvam 4e si vidial tova koeto sum napisal, :> hehe mn mie kef .. emaila mi e .. edgirBG@edguy.nu" So .. I will wite in English if eny of the other members want to read :>> so Stinky .. I tink I can .. meet u in sofia .. it wil be realy exciting for me ! so I wait letter from u!

>>By EdGirlBG   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 14:41)

Maby few days ago was the first time I`ve heard of EDGUY.
Than my friend gave me a CD and I must say that I didn`t expect him to be so good! But I was surprised!! Cuz he is!!!!
Anyway, I`m glad....

>>By nikki baby   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 20:32)

I just loved Avantasia, so I tried Vain Glory Opera by Edguy. It's just gorgious. Can't wait to buy Mandrake... Tobias' voice is as moving to me as Jeff Buckley's. If I can dare attempt a comparison...

>>By Elvishwizz   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 14:47)

This is Jeff Klingbeil of the band Betrayer, I've discovered EDGUY within the past year or so. I have Theater of Salvation and it has quickly become one of my favorite albums. They have inspired me to try and achieve new heights musically in my band.

I know my band doesn't even compare to the greatness of EDGUY, but this is a musical style I hope to achieve in the future.

Please check out our website www.betrayer.ca

>>By Betrayer   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 11:44)

Edguy is the grattest powermetal band in world,,,and Tobias sammet is a god to me i just love him and his lyrics...and Avantasia o my god that's so ,i can't explain it with word.......
but Edguy is the best of them all....and i have there autograpg to so proude

>>By highlander666   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 03:00)

I love Edguy, Avantasia, Tobi, Eggi, Jens, Dirk, Felix and Dominik....(hehehe) and i love "The Sands Of Time" , "Avantasia", "Chalice of Agony"....i'm waiting for Edguy, Tobi in Poland !!! See ya : )

>>By Edgaya   (Friday, 16 May 2003 22:00)

Me parece uno de los mejores exponentes del powermetal, sus trabajos son comparables con los de hellowen cuando kai estaba en el grupo.

>>By MANCHAX   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 18:48)

Gli Edguy ci sono anche in ITALIA!!!! Grazie Tobias, grazie Edguy, grazie di esistere!

>>By Tinuviel   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 20:57)

I loved edguy when I 've heard the song named "The headless game" ! It was 14 days ago:) But now I know that the new way of my life is searching everything about EDGUY! I love it that's the best band I've ever known!!!!!!!!!! :)

>>By Aria   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 15:00)

Tobias is a musical God !! I think he's the best musician of the world, and I'm very sad that Avantasia doesn't make music anymore :s:s

>>By DarkAngel   (Saturday, 13 Sep 2003 23:45)

how about out of control ft. Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian

>>By Akbal   (Thursday, 27 Nov 2003 00:40)

Hi folks, to me edguy is the greatest group!! And I really wanna write with some Edguy fans all over the world. I am Bulgarian na d my e-mail is: kate_master@abv.bg
Message to all Bulgarians:
Hora, i az sam Balgarka!!!! Mnogo se kefa 4e namiram fenove na edguy v net-a:)))
EdGirlBG: mila, imam adski mnogo info... Pi6i mi na kate_master@abv.bg i 6te ti pratq doc s intervuta i concert report-i.
Nqkoi drug fen na Edguy ako iska - da pi6e. 6te se radvam da si pi6a s nqkoi fen ot na6ata mila rodina:)))

P.S. Guys what do you think about the upcoming Edguy video - Lavatory Love Machine? I think that wheni it comes to makig funny shit Edguy have no concuration. I'm looking farward to it - I am sure it will kick ass!!!!!

>>By kate_master   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 11:30)

Hey people !!!

Edguy Rule !!!!!!!! Tobias has an amazing voice, so cool how he sounds just like Bruce from Iron Maiden lol

I gotta ask kate_master , "wheni it comes to makig funny shit Edguy have no concuration" what does concuration mean ???? lol i wont even ask about all the bulgarian stuff i dont have any clue what it means !!!

Anyway Hellfire club awesome album..... looking forward to seeing the new video!

>>By valanX   (Friday, 29 Oct 2004 08:04)

Edguy rock.

>>By MiraY2J   (Sunday, 30 Jan 2005 21:45)

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