Econoline Crush


what are some hit songs from each CD?

>>By Steph   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 07:04)

falme thrower rockz by dem!!!

>>By duff   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 21:54)

I got here by saying I liked - Big Wreck, the Beatles, and Soul Coughing. I'm sampling Econoline Crush songs now from Sounds like the Fixx - grunged up. Which is cool. I love the Fixx and I like grunge. Still determining if the band is really good overall. A strong Brit-Pop thing happening too. Pretty eclectic on this now the fourth cut, which is a lot more in-your-face. And the fifth cut has a groove and some cool drumming. Yep. I'll definetly check these guys out further.

>>By Marko   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 00:52)

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