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Phil Greer and Styler you need to go back to kinder garden school and learn to spell properly and respect you elderlys especially Dj Premier. The other kats would definitely agree that you both pests who need pesticides.

>>By Talented Kat Part 2   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 14:04)

First of all who the hell are you to dis Premier (STYLER,PHIL GREER), you low budget producers wannabes. My advice to Stlyer is to change your name into DICKHEAD. You are the kinda nigga haters who listen to Pop music for example Nynsc,Brittney Spears etc etc etc. If call yourself styler why do not produce crazy beatz or come up with some shit. Nigga you need to go to therapy or to a Primo concert to sought yourself out and get a lesson boy. If therapy doesn't help, listen to the advice from Precise and Talented Kat. On a positive note Primo you are a genius you have been pionner of Hip HOP, you collobrations with all the ganastarr members is unbelievable especially with BaldSlick (Guru). I am waiting for the Owernz Ablum when it drops in MARCH.


>>By hip hop maestro   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 14:27)

Stlyer I am personally going to attacking you verbally bacause I am Londoner and you need to go to New York City at the D&D RECORDS to apologies to the greatest hip hop producer's of all time. Nigga you disgrace me, you phatetic,you are wanksta. Nigga you need to ask true hip hopersand they will tell you have made the greatest mistake of you life by disrespecting Primo.Without the Don artist like Nas would not be big.Go back and listen to tracks such as NAS IS LIKE, 2ND CHILDHOOD, NEW YORK STATE OF MIND, FULL CLIP, BATMAN AND ROBIN, BOOM, VOODO CHILD, NATURAL, SKILLZ, SABOTAGE, ITS BEEN A LONG TIME,DJ PLAY THAT BEAT, NEXT TIME, MILITIA, MOMENT OF TRUTH,MASS APPEAL, WORK, DISCLIPINE, WORDS I MANIFEST, ROYALTAND FINALLY STEP IN THE ARENA.

I have got all the primo productions, complinations, mixtapes, gangstarr productions.I have got all the cd's from NO MORE MR NICE GUY TO A DECADE OF GANGSTARR. Without Primo's golden hip hop would never be the same.




I love to see a site with such love for a master on wax like DJ Premier. Primo is probably responsible for one out of every three killer tracks in hip hop over the past fifteen years. Over time, he's only gotten BETTER. From classics with Guru in Gang Starr and Nas in the early nineties to crazy shit today with Dilated, Royce da 5'9," Method Man, MORE Nas, and a shit load of others this dude is crazy. Him and Alchemist are the only two producers who have NO FALLACIES.

Keep blazin Primo.

>>By Remot   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 02:24)

primo sounds are for real hip hop soldiers!!!
keep it real!!!!!!

>>By youl from france   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 18:24)

Yeah, Premier has defenintly been blessed! I have been rockin his shit for a while now. He never ceases to amaze me with his KILLER style! I agree that Gangstarr makes the illest team by far. Some of the greatest memories I have with a peep of mine that's 2years gone are jammin to them. They have truely inspired me to pursue life, to live life. To love hip-hop for exposing such talent to me. When I'm b-girlin they keep me hype. Artist like him are what makes the art beautiful. I don't want to confuse ya'll it goes God, self being then hip-hop. I'm just ryin to give respect where it's due!

I'm out

>>By Lady Bishop   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 07:55)

yo all fans of premo, has anybody got skillz or rite where u stand or sabotage on mp3 without kayslay or clue or any mixtape dj's talkin all over them? if you have please email me at:, don't worry bout me bootleggin the shit im gonna be rite down the record store when the new gangstarr album drops! i just want the shit now! laters ppl
Reppin tru hip-hop

>>By primo_don   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 11:19)

Yo Sup People !!!! Primo is the BEST !!! No doubt !!! Greatest DJ ever ever ever !!!
New album soon !!! I'm runnin out of patience !!! Peace !!!!!! ------------> I'M OUT <--------------

>>By Johny Blunt   (Friday, 2 May 2003 19:42)

Dj premier is the illest producer and dj in hiphop history no doubt. Very few (and few is an understatement) hiphop producers can do justice to commercial and underground raptracks like primo.Primo came out in tha late eighties and his beats have hardly changed, wow! While the likes of RZA and DR DRE have evolved. Plus primo's beats bring out the best mc in all the artists he works with. check the fact on common-the sixth sense,nas-nas i am,jay-z-so ghetto,rakim-when im on the mike and many others. NO producer can stand toe to toe with primo!!! All hail the king!

by sleepyman   (Saturday, 14 Jun 2003 09:39)

damn, dj premier knows how 2 make these phat beats, no doubt! I'm listenin' 2 "the ownerz" lp n' i must say that this s**t is tight... Chris, much props, don't stop doin' yo' isht n' stay true 2 da game cuz tha streetz r watchin' n' u know...them haters wit bonuce productions will try 2 stabb u in the back but u know...f**k 'em all Underground'll live forever PEACE

>>By illmatik from Poland   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 15:26)


>>By DON ITALIANO from ROME   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 01:36)

Yo! man this shit iz sick u niggaz jus droped the Ownerz, all I can say iz we want more man!!!. I mean this shit is gutter man Premo All I can say iz your the shit because there ain't no beat I aint lovin man! & if I was to choose which beat iz my favourite it would have to be Play Ta Win that joint means a lot to me.But I also gotta give a lot of props to my man Guru for the for all the math he droped on the album I am pleased the wat the album turned out for real man!!!!!!!!.And also not to forget he artwork that's awfully hood yall need to carry on with the same theme.And plz this iz your time now enough of the fake shit we hearing these dayz u now need to blasts on the scene and just represent show them what you are really renowned for and drop some more tight shit man,Much luv Precise!

>>By Precise   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 15:50)

This rizyhm goes out to primo!!!!

You have proven yourself and blessed us all with your skills
Its like we lost in your beatz, and we keep cravin for deals
You be where ya at, because the potential of sound keepz ringing in ya ear
and the time spent on creating your potion has been your life devotion,
its like your skills give us all the motion, and we all mimic your style,
trying to rap, but we always seem to lack, its like you set the bar up too high
and we climbing just to get by, big-ups on the work kid, I pay my respects and
set my foot in, Determination is the only key, and hard word is the only was to see,
So instead of licking your balls like all these katz, N-ig-g-a im going to let you be!

>>By Adapt   (Saturday, 6 Mar 2004 18:50)

Premo is just as good as that premo blow, and his music is a throwback like that seventies show. WWHHOOAAHH.

>>By J-Trigga   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 08:17)

good afternoon everyone. i remember when i was 12 and very involved with hip hop. i was walking into a record store and picked up DAILY OPERATION. as a young kid i was amazed by the grimy drum beats, beautiful samples, killer bass lines, and unbelievable intros. ever since then, i would buy an whole album just to know mr. martin worked on it. i would dissect every sound of the beat. the reverb or slight delays on the snare drum,etc.... i am a student at a recording school in florida called FULL SAIL. mastering engineering. and producing tracks on my own time. but i would like to stress how premier is a driving force to me. hopefully i can effect peoples lives like him and put them in a MUTHAFUCKING deep zone like his sounds do to me. peace!

>>By abstract   (Sunday, 4 Apr 2004 00:44)

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