Dj Krush


two words to explain DJ Krush- Fuck'n Brilliant

>>By Nick   (Thursday, 7 Nov 2002 03:24)

All his work is amazing esspecially "strickly turntablizt".

>>By Dj Sonic   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 19:48)

expresses all types of music in his songs, hes great artist. 'On the Double'

>>By fuckinsteve   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 08:11)

dj krush kicks yo ass ,cause his decibells are most fly!

>>By old skool fred   (Monday, 30 Dec 2002 07:30)

dj krush is the most amazing mixer ive every more is the shit

>>By EDFT Rewastyles   (Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003 11:45)

it ' s the future hope

>>By miau   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 19:53)


he's the best dj, compiler, producer there is on the underground hiphop market. this dude is seriously cool. best thing 'bout him is: YOU CAN HEAR IT'S KRUSH EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT'S HIM....cos he got his own style of beats & combining two records to make a totally different sound. If anybody knows how much weight he puts onto his needles on the technics please lemme know

>>By one of the dudes   (Wednesday, 5 Feb 2003 16:02)

Franchement c'est trop bon, if i had a word to say in english i would say FUCKING BRILLIANT and so are the herbalizer, dj shadow, dj food, dj vadim...

>>By Wesh   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 11:10)

just heard his album .... Code is the shit

>>By rider   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 04:03)

Ninja beats samurai sample`s The kamikaze pilot of music...

>>By Cyril   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 15:42)


>>By jokkiz   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 19:05)

cant get enough of that K-K-Krush
cant get enough of that Krush Krush

>>By Mumble   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 23:22)

from TOKYO to PRAGUE ... peace is komin┬┤around ... i have seen him 1 week ago... that was amazing. I can say million words but there┬┤s nothing to say. just feel it

>>By ducker   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 12:21)

his music is truely expressed explicitly and he expresses his feelings to through turntables and that gives me hope for hip hop which now dayz are falling apart with corruptions.. DJ KRUSH keep spining that rec.. PEACE AND LOVE..

>>By b1ink3r   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 11:34)

The best dj that have ever exist , and it would be the greatest honor if only one second I could make a duel with him

>>By Dj Om   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 16:34)

Krush krushes you, but very softly...!!! You have to see his graffiti gallery in his home page. Does any one knows where to find info about "CUBASE32" and "FRUTTY LOOPS": Thank you and have fun.

>>By Loops   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 22:34)

I love DJ Krush. Great trip hop/down tempo style.

I have 6 of his albums:

DJ Krush - Zen
DJ Krush - The Message At The Depth
DJ Krush - Jaku
DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablized
DJ Krush - Reload: The Remix Collection
DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Ki-Oku

I'm still looking for the rest, especially MiLight. I want that album so badly. If anyone is willing to trade/sell, let me know.

>>By Geotrio   (Thursday, 28 Apr 2005 07:11)

Krush is definitely cool, he's definitely ahead of RJD2, Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in terms of solo work.

I'd also like to thank him for bringing out the best flow I've heard from my favorite rapper, El-P, on Zen.

>>By Stinkfist   (Saturday, 30 Apr 2005 09:06)

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